Tuesday, November 30, 2010

turning things around

Alright... the last time I posted it was April....

It's now almost December and I'm getting sick of gaining weight and feeling so blah

I've stopped -
1. drinking all my water
2. exercising
3. caring about what i eat
4. avoiding fast food/take-out

That has lead me to weigh in at 270

I never EVER though I would be that heavy...


it's time to go back to what works...

TRACKING food and water
Keeping a JOURNAL of food/activities/emotions

I've lost weight before.. I know what works

Going to check out Golds Gym this week.... and get back to Weight Watchers

It's time to actually care about myself... I definitely haven't been doing that for the past 8 months...

If I keep on the current path I am on.. I WILL DIE. My BMI is 48... I weigh 270lbs and I'm only 5'3 ... I havent exercised in MONTHS... I get out of breath doing the easiest things... TIME TO CHANGE!