Sunday, November 30, 2008

not impressed

231 this morning.. 3lb gain over thanksgiving break.. hmmm

Back to counting points today..after a bit of a lazy binge of buying a frozen pizza for lunch...

The thing is.. i didnt go crazy and overeat.. I did however just eat what I wanted.. and drank.. but I never felt I ate in excess.. but.. what's done is done. It's really hard for me to get back into counting points again.. but unless I want to weight more that 234 come Jan 1st.. then I need to work at it. I'm praying for some $ so I can get a gym membership. I know if I can get there.. I will use it well and lose more. I just cant bring myself to doing workout videos..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ruh roh...

228.8 this morning
go figure.. i at totally in points yesterday... probably catching up from previous bad days

anyways.. will not stress about this trip to LI and Turkey Day.. I will remind myself that it sucks to see the scale go up.. so don't overeat!

Food Log

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Food Log

bagel (3)
lf cream cheese (2)

2 eggs scrambled (4)
cheese (3)
toast (2)

2 chocolates (2)

3 tacos (5)
boca/corn mix (1)
cheese (3)

5 points left

emotional eating and drinking

So .. the weekly points that were supposed to be saved for thanksgiving.. are now gone. Let me tell you why!

Money Stress

I wouldve been ok.. but I got a call from another student loan co. saying I owed money. I have all my loans on forbearance or defferment.. and Im really annoyed that they don't tell you when that forbearance is up. Apparently this one ended in October.. so I owe 2 months.. which obviously I cant pay.. I can't even buy food right now. SO they said either I can pay and get another form, or get the form, it takes 15 days to process (mind you my loan is 15 days past due).. but if nothing is done after 30 days it will be reported as dilinquent.. which would really suck.. so Im just going to fax the form today and pray it gets processed fast. UGH

so.. I made a gin and tonic.. then made toast w/ pb.. and as I had my first bite i even said out loud.. IM NOT EVEN HUNGRY.. but I ate it anyway... and had 2 more gin and tonics after

227.8 this morning
(Sunday - 227.4
Monday - 227.4)

Im slowly learning that food (and drink) are not going to solve my problems.. they will just make me angry with myself and upset even more. So.. I will be careful the rest of the week.. do the best I can on Turkey Day.. and brace myself for a gain on the scale but really work for a maintain.

Why do we sabotage ourselves so much.. I really need to work on the mental aspect of this.. because.. its not like its difficult to loose weight.. You eat less and get some exercise (another sore point.. I MISS THE GYM and have no $ for it : ( .... yet.. our heads get in the way.. we feel deprived, we get emotional and turn to food... It never ends. I wonder what skinny people do when they are stressed.. and do they feel deprived?

Monday, November 24, 2008

3 day work week - woo!

I had a yummie breakfast this morning.. oatmeal with some pb stirred in.. yum!

Food Log
oatmeal (2)
pb (4)

2 slices veg pizza (8)
cheezits (4)
Ice cream (2)

10 left for the day

minus the fact I just had some chocolates a coworker brought in


6 left for the day...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

sunday sunday sunday

lazy sunday.. got a forward.. jokes about eating at the Holidays.. and it ended with a quote i found amusing..

"Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in hand , body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO-HOO what a ride!"

I just intend to be sliding in at 135lbs .. WITH chocolate in hand ; )

Food Log

toast w/ob (6)

2 slices veg pizza (8)
cheezits (3)

pasta w/sauce (4)

9 left

plans to have popcorn/cheezit mix (6) and an ice cream (2)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

name anagrams

So not related.. but interesting none the less..

Anagrams for my first name, Melissa


I find it really interesting that 'Aimless' is the first word as i have felt lost and without purpose for most of my life..

I know what I want to do.. but just can't seem to ever get there!

lazy saturday

228.2 this morning.. BUT.. i'm not going out to eat this weekend.. and am really going to work on saving my WPs for Thanksgiving.. and I will have to do my WI on Sunday morning when I get back (going down to LI).

Food Log
toast (2)
eggs (4)
cheese (2)
butter (1)

100 cal popcorn (1)

potato (3)
mock chix nuggets (5)
catsup (1)

11 left for dinner/eve

dinner ... at first I decided to just snack away the evening.. and had
2 servings on cheezits (8)

then I made pizza... and proceeded to have half the pizza , 4 slices (16)
and a 100 cal icecream (2)

15 points taken away from the WP bank.. leaving 20 points

I don't know why I do this.. I can't decide wether to save for a big event..or.. since they are there to use.. to just use them..

I really need to focus on portions/serving size. 2 slices really is enough for 1 portion.. and I didn't need 2 servings of cheezits.. Just because i have the points.. does not mean i have to use them.. I need to listen to my body/stomach.

Goals for the week:

Drink 8 glasses of water/day

I need to stay calm about these points..

Friday, November 21, 2008


My job is not hard.. but boy do i look forward to the end of the week! I finally have a weekend to myself. I really need to clean my bedroom, do laundry, and search through all my boxes and find my gloves. The next month is crazy.. i'll be down on LI with friends for the first part of thanksgiving break.. the next weekend I have a wedding to go to (and sing at), the next weekend is free.. then the weekend of the 20th I am hoping to get my sister out here for christmas week. Busy busy!

WI this morning - 228.0

I have planned my whole day already and WILL stick to it...

Food Log

bagel/cream cheese (5)

couscous (4)
veggies (1)
mock chix nuggets (4)
cheese (2)

apple (1)
hot chocolate (2)

mexican lasagna (8)

100 cal ice cream (2)
100 cal mini popcorn (1)

Used = 30

Thursday, November 20, 2008

$$ post

Sorry.. it's a non- weight related post...

I just got my first full 2 week paycheck.. It came in lower than I had figured.. and I was appaled at how much tax was taken out.. $180 worth! I'm seriously going to have to reduce spending a little more.. and I don't think I'm going to be able to afford the gym which really really makes me sad.. I'm going to have to start working out at home with videos... yuck.

I'm also going to have to bite the bullet and do a consolidation program. I've been avoiding it because once you do that.. all your credit/store cards are useless... which.. makes sense.. racking up those cards got me in this mess.. so might as well cancle... but It makes me nervous not to have them. I honestly do not use them unless in an emergency.. so.. I need to take care of that. I;ve already been in touch with a company.. and it could potentially save me $100/mo. , maybe then i could join the gym...

I seriously do not enjoy living paycheck to paycheck.. I also need to space out my bills differently... my car and rent are at the end of the month.. and thats a big chunk of change.. $725.. ugh.. need to re do the pay dates...

I don't like talking about money.. and I need to be positive about it.. I at least have a job that pays all my bills.. it just leaves me a little low for gas/food $.. but I will make it work.

getting back on track!

227.8 this morning.. now if I can just stay on track until Sat. morning.. I might have a little loss.. or at least a maintain.. that would be better than a gain!

I cut onions last night and my hands still smell like them.. ugh.. anyone know of a trick to get that smell off!!

Food Log
ff cheese slice (1)
butter (1)

Lunch 1230
couscous (4)
veggies (0)
4 mock chix nuggets (4)
cheezits (4)
apple (1)

Dinner 600
2 slices Veggie Pizza (10)

Used - all 30

Cheezits w/ dinner (4)

OVER by 4p

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


You have worked hard at lossing this weight and it was finally starting to come off a little faster and what do you do? YOU GO BACK TO EATING CRAP!

WI this morning was 229.4

Last night I gave in and blew the rest of my day since my lunch was horrible (pizza).. and I went and got chinese. I got general tso's chicken.. TWO veg egg rolls and a diet mt. dew.

There are many things wrong with this... first.. i had chicken.. and I have been touting myself as a vegetarian.. then I have meat when I go out to eat?? That's not right.. I either don't have meat or I do.. I can't be in between..

second.. Eating this food made me feel physically sick. I haven't had this feeling in a long time.. but my left side and left shoulder hurt.. like I was over stuffing myself. I didn't feel good all night and this morning I had a really bad stomach ache and accompanying BM.

It was all because I had a bad lunch. I gave in.. decided to blow the whole day. Well.. it's those 'give-ins' that have made me fat. The not caring and just letting the rest of day slide after one slip up.. I'll never reach goal if I let a whole day go to waste. Yes.. one slip up now and then is inevitable.. no one is perfect.. but to let that one slip turn in to a big SLIDE.. NOT GOOD.

I vow to drink my water today.. and have 'clean foods'... nothing processed.. and def. no more take out... I'm going to have 2 slices of my homemade veggie pizza... make some rice and veggies tonight.. and just focus on one day at a time. I was so excited to see the scale at 225/226 a few days ago.. and I know Im probably retaing water from the chinese food.. BUT.. I probably did add some weight back.. Since sunday nights chinese food to last nights chinese food.. I've been packing in more food than I should. I know this sounds weird.. but If I go to bed hungry.. I know I've done a good job eating.. I shouldnt be going to be so full...

Food Log

bagel/cc (5)

lunch 1245 ***
3 slices veggie pizza (15)
cheezits (4)

1C CousCous (4)
sauted veggies (0)

icecream (2)

Used - 30

*** I felt really out of control at lunch.. I went home for lunch.. reheated 3 slices of the veggie pizza I made on Monday.. then grabbed the box of cheezits. I mean.. i still have 6 points for dinner.. and Im fine doing a ton of veggies over couscous.. I just feel like no matter how much I tell myself I need to eat less.. the more I want to (and end up) eating.. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that when you are denied something, it makes you want it even more... Life long battle.. here I come...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving in to Temptations

I slid past the entrance to the parking lot.. great start to the morning!

WI was 227.8 ... expected it to go up after how much food was consumed yesterday.

That's the only problem with using all my weekly points over the weekend.. I think I freak out and feel denied and then over eat on Monday. It happend last week too.. So.. as long as I get myelf back on 30 points a day from here until Saturday.. I think I will do ok.

Food Log
cereal/milk (7)

Lunch 1200
2 slices Papa John's cheese pizza (14)

345 *
1 slice Pj's cheese pizza (7)

** So.. everyone has left the office and what's the first thing I do.. go grab more food. No one is looking.. so why not have another slice of pizza.. I kinda of had a war with myself over that.. 1. i was hungry, but 2. i didnt need more pizza and only had about 9 points left for the day (now 2).

I got really emotional over this.. eyes teared up a little at my loss of self control.. But I was HUNGRY... so I gave in.. This is a battle that I will win one of these days.. and I really should bring in some snacks to keep at my desk that are points friendly.. mid-afternoon is always the worst time.

just a little annoyed with myself.. I want to see a loss this week.. but If I keep going over 30points a day, then I don't see how it's going to happen.. .BUT.. this is a learning process and I can't beat myself up over one day.. Tomorrow will be a better day.. and the next meal today will still be in control..

Monday, November 17, 2008

i will not jinx this!

WI this am was 226.4 .. and that after having chinese sunday night.
I have no WP left.. so I have to stay within 30 points a day.. so this is how weight loss work.. eat less! haha!

Looked out the window this morning and the snow has stuck.. it's winter...

Food Log
bagel/cc/apple (6)

mexican lasagna (8)
cheezits (4)
5 chocolates (5)

3 slices veggie pizza (15)

38 points

damn chocolates at work!!!.. and cheezits... and I couldve just had 2 slices of pizza...
I will do better tomorrow.. although I think there will be pizza at work tomorrow

Sunday, November 16, 2008


So.. I weight myself this morning and it was 225.4... wiggley what?! I mean.. not complaining.. but after a massive amount of mexican, I was surprised. 

Messiah was today.. and I have to say I was dissapointed. My nerves got the best of me.. I even got lost in my big aria.. ugh.. I'm just out of practice.. I know I can do it.. I just am vocally out of shape and my nerves got in the way. My first thought was 'well.. maybe I shouldn't be performing'... but I know I should.. I would feel so empty if I wasn't singing anymore. I know I'm my own worst critic.. and honestly.. there were some nice moments.. but I was nervous.. and I wasn't supporting or exhaling..and I was listening WAY WAY too much to my voice. I should really find other places to sing.. just to keep me going.. It's too bad TCO is an hour 15 drive away.. or I'd sing in the chorus.. this is why I want to move to a metropolitan area.. so I have singing ops close by.

Food for Today

bagel (3)
egg (2)
butter (2)

pb sandwich (7)

Fried Rice (1 1/2Cups) (9)
1 cup Sesame Chicken (12)
1 veg egg roll (7)
4 dumplings (4)
diet mt dew

I know.. chicken.. wtf?! I'm not so against meat that I wont eat.. I just chose not too the majority of the time.. and in situations where there are no good non-meat choices.. I'll eat a little real meat.

for sure my WP are all gone.. 

Used all my daily.. plus 16 WP points... and I'm pretty sure thats the end of them...which is ok.. because now I will be careful all week... and if this mornings WI is a predictor of anything.. then maybe I will have a good loss this next saturday!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday WI = a loss!

227.5 this morning : ) .. -1.4lbs this week!

And Im relieved to have a full weeks worth of weekly points back.. althought.. not having them made me be extra careful..and I didn't eat late or snack as much.. so I'm going to only use them If I go out for a meal..

Rainy day today.. really can't wait to get my first full pay check so I can join a gym.. although.. I have a lot of bills pilling up.. so I'm not sure I will be able to.. although.. I am getting paid $325 this sunday for the Messiah.. I guess maybe I will be able to.. ha

Food Log

2 bagels (6)
2 eggs w/ch (6)

*really didn't need to 2 bagels...

cereal/milk (6)

burrito (15)
chips and guac (15)

all points for the day used.. and -18 WP (17 WP left)

those burritos at moes are so freakin huge! You can get all the NI off their website.. and the NI for chips and guac is disgusting.. 750 calories!!! and 41g FAT... kindda nuts!

Went to see Quantum Solace w/ John.. its was very action packed but I dont know the bond stories so I was like.. 'whatev'.. I almost got popcorn.. but didn't.. i didn't need it. John was pretty quiet and distant today.. just said he was tired but I feel like theres more there... but what does it matter to me. It's not easy being friends with an ex..and sometimes I think it's not worth it with him.. but who else do I have here in Ithaca....7 more months til my lease is up...

Friday, November 14, 2008


Not much to say today.. boring day at work.. but i did get to take the company credit card and buy plants and artwork for the walls.. only spent $200.. and still need some more artwork but it's a start.

Food Log

bagel/cc/ 1/2 banana (6)

mexican lasagna (7)
apple (1)

chicken nuggets (5)
sweet potato (3)

popcorn (4)
hot chocolate (3)

used 29
WI tomorrow morning

Thursday, November 13, 2008

This has nothing to do with Weight loss.. but I need to write...

So.. I didn't hear from Carol about our lesson until 6:30.. she said if I still wanted a lesson, to give her call. If ONLY she had said a definet YES.. lesson at 8.. see you then.. I wouldnt have done what I did.. which was to ignore the email.. and come up with excuses for not going..

I have some strange feeling that she is going to be angry with me... I feel so anxious about going back to study with her. I think I just am giving up to be honest. Why keep studying if it's not going to go anywhere.. If Im going to resign myself to being a public school teacher.. why keep studying

then there's the whole being a music teacher. While I do like teaching - at least elementary.. I just do not LOVE it.. and Im only looking at going back into it because it pays well and I have to pay off all this student loan debt.

I hate this feeling... I hate myself for ditching on this lesson. ofCOURSE I want a lesson.. but why can't I face it/my teacher. What the fuck is wrong with me. This is supposed to be something I love and that I can't imagine not doing.. yet.. here I am .. not doing anything about it.

I dont love teaching.. I dont even think I love singing.. I just like it... just like with weight loss.. its just something I am interested in.. not really committed. I don't know what I am doing with my life.. I feel like I have no direction.. nothing to work for.. and all I see is this huge pile of debt thats going to control my choices for the rest of my life.

I've spent my whole life doing music... and I don't intend to give it up.. I just need to find something thats going to make me happy. There was an ad on the Washington National Opera website for a job opening - doing ticket sales for the opera.. If I could find a music biz job like that.. suppliment with teaching lessons on the side.. and it made me enough to pay bills and live.. I would take it in a heart beat... but DC is so expensive.. I don't know how I would make it.. I guess Im just hoping to be able to find a community college job... and I'll look for those in metropolitain areas...and look for elem. music jobs.. but I really feel like I'm just giving up with those jobs.. I hate it. I have a lot of soul searching to do...

thoughts on thursday

It's getting hard to come up with a new title every day!

Up on the scale this Am --- 229.0 . I remember someone saying in a blog that I read.. might be Charlie Hills.. that when you have a low WI one day, it's normal to have a gain the next.. just your body adjusting.. so I will not stress.. but I'm also going to lay off the popcorn until my official sat am. WI.

Food Log

cereal/milk (6)
banana (2)

mexican lasagna (7)
cheezits (4)

cheese (2)
toast (2)

total - 29

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hump Day!

I had rehearsal up in Syracuse last night for the Messiah. It's been almost a year since i've soloed w/orchestra and I was pretty shaking nervous..I know I am ok with performing and those nerves were just the rust shaking off.. I felt ok about my performance. Mo said I need to sing out more.. and look up.. got a little lost in my music and the sound wasnt going out. I feel like I am shouting..and I think its because I'm not projecting the right way.. I'm hoping to get a lesson in on Thursday night w/Carol.. but If I can't , I know what I need to work on. The other singers were great. The Alto and Tenor are from Eastman and sound great. The Bass is also from Ithaca but is now down at TCO in Binghamton. I feel a little out of place.. Im not sure where I am or where I am going as a Singer and that throws me a little... but c'mon.. I have worked hard to get where I am and can sing.. so get over myself...self... ha

WI this morning is 227.6

Food Log
bagel/cc/banana (7)

Lunch 1230
pasta (8)
apple w/pb (5)
toast (2)

8pt left for dinner
edit 10pm
mexican lasagna was good! 7 points

then i had popcorn.. 4 points

-3 from my non-existent Weekly Points
I went home for lunch today.. I'm not sure it's going to be a good idea to go home for lunch.. I mean.. it's really nice to get away from the office for an hour.. but I eat too much when I go home..

I am finally going to make the mexican lasagna tonight.. should be pretty filling.. lots of beans!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the day after

a binge is always rough.. hoped on the scale.. up 1 lb to 229.0 .. granted I had a lot of sodium last night.. popcorn and soy sauce over my stirfry..

I'm planning better.. brought a soup in hand and crackers for lunch.. and an apple and a few graham crackers for snack. Dinner will be tricky.. I have to drive up to Syracuse right after work for a rehearsal and will have to pick up some kind of fast food.. I think I'll try taco bell.. they have the fresca stuff.. i'll look up tacobells nutrition info too.

Food Log
bagel/cream cheese/banana (6)

soup (4)
crackers (4)

graham cracker (3)
apple (1)

bean burritto Fresca (taco bell) (7)
diet pepsi

25 points total

Monday, November 10, 2008

monday blahs.. and a crazy binge!

Didn't want to get up this morning.. blah

228.0 on the scale

Food Log
bagel w/cc (6)
banana (2)

pasta (6)
apple (1)
So I ended up going home for lunch.. didn't bring a spoon.. so I ate the above.. and then proceeded to go absolutly nuts and ate this...
cheese (3)
bread (2)
cheezits (did not count..) (8?)
graham crackers (4)
PB (5)
So far.. 37 points .. -7 from WP leaving 14 wps

rice (6)
peas (2)
chix nuggets (5)

popcorn (4)

54 points total.. and no more WP's

I don't know what got into me.. It's annoying that it's only my second day of the week and I will have blown through my WPs.. but.. that's why they are there.. If I go home for lunch.. which I think I will do.. it's nice to get out of the office.. I really REALLY need to just eat what I have planned...
I'm making the mexican caserole thing tonight.. its 6 points a piece... i'll probably have popcorn tonight too.. so.. i think my WP will be used up
plus I have a headache (overhead lights.. ugh...) and I need to practice AND I'm crampy.. what a fun day..
oh.. and looking out my window.. all I see is snow falling.. it's really pretty.. and it's not sticking.. yet...

Sunday, November 9, 2008

that TOM

where I'm too crampy to want to walk or really do much of anything. It's cold today.. another reason I don't want to go out and walk.. I'm so full of excuses... Lame

morning WI - 229.4 ... thanks chinese buffet!

Food Log

cereal/milk (double) (10)

rice (6)
bean/corn/salsa (2)
1/4 c cheese (2)

this rice/bean mix was like pure comfort food.. so yum!
I was going to make a mexican lasagna tonight, but since I just ate 'mexican' I'm going to do pasta with mushroom and fake beef sauce with Rigatoni's! Yum : ) I guess I'm craving warm comfort foods now..
pasta w/mushroom sauce (6)
cheese (2)
Total - 28 (0 wps used)

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Finally hit the 5lb mark.. it only took 6 weeks.. I know that when I get into a gym the loss will go a little faster.. 228.9 this morning.. my new WI day/start of WW week.

It's a gloomy, rainy day today.. I hope to get a walk in this afternoon when it's supposed to at least stop raining.

My reward for 5lbs was a mani/pedi.. but I'm going to switch it to buying a new book. I've been eyeing mark bittmans 'how to cook everything Vegetarian'.. I'll have to check the stores today.. I think its $25 but I may be able to get it cheaper on Amazon.. but then I have to wait! :)~

Food Log

2 eggs scrambled w/ butter (5)
bagel (3)
lf cream cheese (2)


Walk - 1 hour (+4)

2 graham crackers (2)

Total - 12

Left - 18 +4 (22)

Dinner - Out w/ friend...

Chinese Buffet... Why did I even suggest it...

1 1/2 cups rice (6)
4 dim sum (6)
1 veg egg roll (5)
1 cup veg lo mein (7)
6 sweet/sour chicken bits (12)
diet soda

36 -22 = 14

14 from Weekly POints
(35-14 = 21 wp left)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Dunkin Donuts... why?!!

13 points for a muffin.. really?!

well.. it was a delicious 13 point pumpkin muffin... and too late to take it back since it's in my tummy!

I had a little war with myself while driving to DD's. A muffin wasn't going to help me lose weight.. and that's really as far as I got.. then I was at dunkin doughnuts and buying it... My will power is not strong enough to say no to food yet.. Ofcourse I want to lose weight.. but sometimes i think Im just "interested" in loosing weight..not really committed.. Food is still coming before weight loss..

Anyways.. I had a perfectly good lunch.. a soup in hand and cheezits... then I went downtown to the bank and decided I wanted coffee... which led to the muffin.. I really wasn't hungry.. I don't understand myself sometimes.. I hope I can figure out how to stop sabotaging myself..

Food Log

bagel/cc/banana (6)

soup in hand (3)
cheezits (3)

coffee (3)
pumpkin muffin (13)

28 total so far....

Kindda makes me see (through points) how eating just one crappy thing a day can lead to weight gain... huh

Thursday, November 6, 2008

stop slidding back!

Just because I said I am re-starting my weigh-in date to Saturday.. does not give me the right to go all out and eat what i want... we know what that equals... WEIGHT GAIN!

WI this morning was 229.8

anyways.. not the best day today food-wise..

Food Log

cereal/banana/milk (7)

turkey club
diet soda

2 slices toast, 2 eggs, 1 slice ff cheese (8)

popcorn/cheezits (8)

m&ms (6)
diet soda

Not impressed.. but.. I did plan to eat my lunch I brought to work but was taken out to lunch w/the boss.. so what was I supposed to do. As for the eating Turkey.. well.. perhaps I am a Flexitarian.. eating meat when its the only option.. I will not, however, eat red meat ever again.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday WI

As expected (beause of TOM), I was up at WI. 230.8, up a pound. I've decided to change my WI/start of week to Saturday Morning.. that way.. I have my WP for the weekend and if I want to go back to meetings.. I can go to the Sat. AM meeting if I want.

Out to lunch again today.. but It was my choice.. and I chose Pizza Hut.. It was ok.. I felt pretty sick afterwards for a few hours.. so.. note to self.. Pizza Hut is not worth it!

Food Log
bagel/cc/banana (6)

3 small slices cheese pizza (12)
ceasar salad (6)
diet pepsi

5 tacos (6)
bean/corn mix (3)

coffe (3)

total 36
minus 6 weekly.. but restarting WI on Sat. Morning
I'm still going to try to stay in 30 points/day til then

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rockin' the VOTE!

What a historical day in the making! Who ever wins this presidential race will be bringing in 'a first' for the Presidency... Obama with being the first African American president.. and Mcain with being the oldest president AND with having a woman vice president. It's pretty exciting to be apart of history making!

Did'nt go out to lunch today.. so I had everything in control.. however.. its PMS time.. so I am retaining.. I know If I have a gain tomorrow morning that it's not the end of the world.. just that TOM.. and my next WI will be better.. I really need to work on not letting the scale be my sole interpreter of weight loss. I also really need to get into a gym. It's near impossible for me to lose weight just by eating right.. I know it works for some.. but because I've been a good exercizer in the past.. my body just needs that component to really get the weight moving..So I will check into a gym this weekend.

Food Log

bagel/lf cc/banana (6)

soup in hand (2)
apple (1)
cheezits (3)

fiber one bar (2)

popcorn (3)
cheezits (3)

fake chix nuggets (4)
rice (6)
veggies (0)

used = 30

Monday, November 3, 2008

working in an office...

We get to go out for lunch.. and I was taken out to lunch again today.. I had brought my lunch.. soup,crackers,apple... but we all went out.. grrr

I made a better choice today.. a foccacia bread w/pesto, cheese and mixed veggies.. I'm gonna say it was 15 was like the size of a personal pizza

I really need to bring my water bottle in.. I'm not drinking at all...

Food Log
bagel (3), 1oz light cream cheese (2) (5)

focaccia veggie thing (15)

1 1/2c rice (6)
mixed veggies (0)
(stir fry)

popcorn (4)

used - 30

Sunday, November 2, 2008


actually 2

I woke up at 10 this morning only to realize after turning my computer on, that its was daylight savings time.. whoops!

Also.. I checked the scale this morning expecting a gain.. but it was actually a loss.. I'm at 229.0 even. So.. I guess my body is working for me. I'm going to head out for a walk today and stay within my daily points. That's why I love weight watchers.. You can go out and eat.. maybe not be so strict.. and you still do ok.

So I just ate a TON of halloween candy.. but now it's all gone.. I feel sick..and do not want candy ever again.. 

Food Log

10am (9am!)
2 egg and cheese wraps (12)
(6 p each)

12 mini halloween candies (12)

Rice w/massaman curry (12)

walk +4

popcorn/cheezits (7)

43 points

Weekends are always tough because I'm not on a set schedule.. I'm thinking of switching my WI day to Saturday morning.. then I have the extra points for the weekend if I need them..and then during the week I am usually ok.. We will see

Saturday, November 1, 2008

November already?!

Well.. after yesterdays crazy binge.. WI this AM was'nt bad.. only 230.2.. althought I'm sure with yesterday and todays bad eating.. it will be up tomorrow.

I hung out with my friend eva today.. we walked around the mall then went to get Thai for lunch.. I had veggie massaman curry over rice.. and 2 small spring rolls (fried). She also gave me a mixed bag of halloween candy.. ugh.. I need to put them where i wont see them... Ive already had 5 mini candys..

It's gorgeous today but cold.. really not motivated to go walk.. so I'll just go first thing tomorrow morning. Sometimes I wonder if joining a gym will motivate me more.. since I'm paying for it.. I think it has in the past... I'm just waiting to get my next pay check before I spend any more money. 

Food Log

1 slice toast w/pb (5)
banana (1)

1 1/2C Rice (6)
Curry w/ Veg (4)
spring rolls (4)

5 mini candys (5)

So Far - 25

5 left for day
No weekly points left