Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back at it

Well today was my first day back at a WW meeting since May 2007. The meeting I go to has this great leader. Really nice and pretty darn funny too. She lost 120lbs on WW.. so, I know I can do 80-100 on it.  I weighed myself this morning.. 232.2, at weigh in at 5pm I was 233.4. 

I ate well today.. here are the stats! My mood has greatly improved now that I'm making this change. I passed John driving to the meeting today.. I'm pretty over him now.. after he told me he didnt trust me to hang out.. and go back into old habits... that really pissed me off.. so now.. FINALLY .. i have a reason to not like him and to finally get over his sorry ass.

anyways.. i digress.. here's todays food

ww english muffin (2)
2 tbsp rf pb (4)
pear (1)

total = 7

1 egg salad sandwich (8?)
peas (2)
apple (1)

total = 11

2 sheets graham cracker (2)
1 tbsp rf pb (2)

total = 4

1 1/2 c rice (6)
mixed veggies (2)

total =8

ww ice cream bar (2)

total = 2

Grand Total = 33

In my new member book i redid my daily point value and it went down a number.. 31 now

not bad at all!

Monday, September 29, 2008

9.29.08 - Food Entry

Daily Points: 32

8am: WW english muffin (1)
2 Tbsp RF PB (4)
small Banana (1)
total: 6

11:30 2 tuna sandwhices (4 each) (8)
carrot sticks (0)
1 graham cracker sheet with pb (3)

4:00 8-super mini blueberry muffins (5)?
total: 5

8:30pm Sweet potato (3)
sour cream (2)
sauted zuchinni and onion (0)
1 1/2 cup jasmine rice (6)
total: 9

USED:33 points

Not too bad of a day.. I kept my water bottle with me.. I didn't need to muffins.. or 2 sandwiches..but..I didn't go over in points.. so I guess it's ok. I'm pretty hungry waiting for my potato to bake.. but that's just because it smells yum!

Im probably going to have some LF graham crackers w/ RF peanut butter later.. 

Im heading to my first WW meeting in over a year tomorrow. I checked the WW web site to see what time it was again.. and it's not listing Ithaca meetings.. and I know there are 4 in the area. Anyways.. I guess I will just go at the time I remember.. 515 on tuesday.. hope I get it right!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Before I start...

I've tried to lose weight many times. For as long as I can remember, I've been fat. I didn't really let it sink in that I was overweight until probably after my undergrad work. I knew I was big.. but I never let it bother me I guess. I think my highest weight in HS was 190. I remember because the day of Junior Prom, I couldn't fit into my dress... my mom made me drink nothing but water all day... I think I weighed 175 once my freshman year of college.. that sure didn't last.

By the time my mom passed away in 2003, I was around 215 or so... My weight went up and down since, topping at 245 in 2006, my first step into a Weight Watchers meeting. I lost about 30 going to meetings...then I got too busy.. too many transitions.. new jobs.. moving.. having an overweight BF didn't help either.. all we did was eat when we hung out.

Now here I am, September 28th, 2008.. I'm heading back to my first WW meeting in over a year on Tuesday. I am around 230lbs right now.. wearing 2x tops and size 20 jeans... wow.
I went through some pictures from undergrad.. when I was definitely below 200.. just to remind that I *can* be below that number.

I stopped eating meat over a month ago (minus one give-in at Dinosaur BBQ). I don't really miss it, and I have been eating more veggies and fruits.. but I could def. eat more. I'm going to go back on the Flex plan (counting points)... that's what worked for me the first time.

Now that I am single.. I only have myself to worry about.. and while I am lonely here in Ithaca.. I need to focus on myself... lose weight.. and also get my voice back in shape.. but that Is another story..

I'm looking forward to this being the last time I go on WW.. I will make healthy choices and exercise a part of my life.. not just a fad.

Here's to one last time!