Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rockin' the VOTE!

What a historical day in the making! Who ever wins this presidential race will be bringing in 'a first' for the Presidency... Obama with being the first African American president.. and Mcain with being the oldest president AND with having a woman vice president. It's pretty exciting to be apart of history making!

Did'nt go out to lunch today.. so I had everything in control.. however.. its PMS time.. so I am retaining.. I know If I have a gain tomorrow morning that it's not the end of the world.. just that TOM.. and my next WI will be better.. I really need to work on not letting the scale be my sole interpreter of weight loss. I also really need to get into a gym. It's near impossible for me to lose weight just by eating right.. I know it works for some.. but because I've been a good exercizer in the past.. my body just needs that component to really get the weight moving..So I will check into a gym this weekend.

Food Log

bagel/lf cc/banana (6)

soup in hand (2)
apple (1)
cheezits (3)

fiber one bar (2)

popcorn (3)
cheezits (3)

fake chix nuggets (4)
rice (6)
veggies (0)

used = 30

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