Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good day overall and some big news!

Billing snafu was fixed at work...not my fault. Relief....

Only down part to my eating today was adding 2 splenas to my oatmeal.. didn't really need it as Im getting used to not having sugar.. I think.. and it had a weird taste.... note to self..

I also was dragging this afternoon.. I had a cup of coffee with sugar and non dairy creamer.. It didn't make me feel any better and the whole time I was drinking it I was thinking "This is not clean.. this is not clean...".. but I drank it all. I was pretty bored this afternoon.

I'm still on a mission for between 'meal' snacks.. trying to eat 5 smaller meals a day. Budget is tight. It annoys me how all the junk food is cheap and 'healthier' food is not. It's like our nation wants us to be fat... I'm going to stop there before I or someone else goes of on a political rampage..

The Gym was good today. I wasn't as tired. I think it's just going to be rough on mondays because I don't work out on Sunday... just need to get myself back into it. I had a great walk.. I even pushed it up to 3.2mph for awhile AND... (Cara.. are you reading?!) I jogged for 1 minute or so. It really came out of nowhere.. well.. I'm sure it was my music.. I felt inspired and my body was ready.. so I jogged. Must invest in a quality sports bra, however, as the girls were flyin'!

I'm feeling pretty good today... and I'm even PMS'ing now... so I am glad I am able to push myself this week.

and my big news?

I was hired today to be the soprano soloist for 2 works in March. It's a paid gig ($325) and is with a choral group I have soloed for before and I just love working with them. It's nice to finally be paid for singing. You spend so much time in school PAYING to sing... I have the student loans to show for it.. so this was a nice boost especially since I had been having thoughts that maybe performing wasn't my thing. My confidence was shaken after my last public performance.. my nerves got the best of me... and I almost gave up...

It's pretty neat how when you move forward in one aspect of your life (eating/exercising/being POSITIVE)... other areas begin to catch up. I'm a firm believer in the 'law of attraction'. While I haven't been thinking about singing every day... I did say to myself and the universe that If I'm meant to sing.. it will come to me... and it did!

This means I need to adjust my workout schedule (again!) to fit in practice time. I will probably have to go back to last weeks idea of cardio M/W/F and practicing and weights (dvd at home) on T/TH. Once it gets warm out again (so.. like... May! thanks upstate NY).. I'd like to ad in some non-gym activities like hiking or something.... but for now my 5 days is a great plan... and now that I know I can jog.. I will slowly incorporate that.

Wow.. long post.. If you are still reading.. Thanks!


Rebecca said...

Congrats on the singing job! I sing too but I am not a soprano, I have an alto voice so sopranos are always very impressive to me. I have sent that if I am meant to be singing it will happen out to the universe too...Still no word back though! Delighted for you! :)

Skinny Inside said...

Hi, yay on your singing job! My hubby loves to sing, he has more of an opera voice, and it's hilarious that he thinks he can belt out U2! WTG on the H2O as well. I haven't read far enough to know what exactly you eat, low carb, low cal, veg, etc, but what about a red pepper or cucumber with some sort of low fat dip?

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on your singing job and your NSV!
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