Saturday, January 17, 2009

Holy Crap(?)!!!!

And no.. not that kind of crap, Tamzin!

WI this morning...

DOWN 5.4 lbs

Wiggley WHA?!!

Yeah.. no joke.. I have never in my LIFE lost that much in a week... and while I know that weight is not the over all determining factor of where we stand in weight loss.. I *DO* feel thinner..and clothes are feeling loose... so.. More on that later

I have a crazy day ahead of me and had a crazy night last night! So many ideas flying through my head and SO much I want to blog about this weekend but It will have to wait..

I have to go look for a new car today.. not by choice..more by necessity.. It's not the best time for me to being doing so.. but my santa fe is not a happy suv anymore and I refuse to put anymore $ into a 2002. So.... off I go today to see what I can get. I'm working 2 different dealers and plan to be a strong ass woman today and stick to my guns... but please to still think positive thoughts and send them my way... I will update tonight

Life is E'ffing amazing right now... my best to you all.. have a great day! and I will be back tonight!!!


Chanelno5 said...

Hi there, i love your blog!

Wowzers well done 5.4! Thats a big chunk towards your goal, keep it up you are doing great.

Good luck with the car shopping!

Sharon said...

Down 5.4lbs? Wow, look at you go!
Hope all goes well with the car shopping!

HopeFool said...

Yay! 5.4 pounds is a lot!

Be strong down at the car lots. Don't let them know you're buying. I tried this. Every time I told them I would think about it and got up to leave, the price fell.

Good luck.

CJ said...

Wow, what a great loss!! I know you are jumping around, happy happy!

Stay strong with the car dealers!

Tena said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! So happy for you on the 5.4 lbs gone!! Isn't it great when the hard work shows up on the scale! Loose pants are even better!

Hope you had success looking for a new car. It can make your head swim!

Katschi (Karen) said...

FAN-f-ing-TASTIC! We can't pretend we don't like big numbers!
I think it's the clean eating!
I've never been able to lose weight this easily. It's a miracle!
So how did you make out with the car shopping? Do tell!