Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm a week behind on the Biggest Loser because I do not have cable.. so i watch it online. I had to watch week two's episode twice because I felt so inspired by it and so much of what was said by the contestants and trainers just resonated so strongly with me.

You can watch this episode HERE on nbc.. it will be there until Jan. 28th

I do enjoy this show but does anyone else feel like this show has become way too scripted and is also using way too much product placement. I also hope that they have therapists on hand because that girl Joelle really needs to figure things out. I felt bad that Bob yelled at her... but.. she wasn't pushing herself.. and she was all talk... and as yoda says..

'Do or do not.. there is NO TRY'

I constantly work on eliminating that word from my vocabulary.. It's one of the top 5 things that keep me from being the best person I can be.

The following are not my words... they are the words of the contestants and trainers of the Biggest Loser 7 - week 2

"The hardest part is accountability .. it (weight loss) is up to me…no one else is going to do this for me"

Bob and Joelle's first talk: (these are all Bob's words below....)

The workouts are a component.. but you also need to focus on you.. getting you out of your comfort zone.

Are all your prayers going to be answered once you lose 100lbs?

What do you need to forgive… todays the day you need to forgiveyourself

Anytime you start feelin that fear..
welcome it..
hands up ..
eyes open..
'I welcome this'

Don’t give all that fear that power
It’s time for you to start seeing what you are capable of
You will come out of this victorious
I believe in you
You believe in you
And there’s no failure in that

(Bob on being afraid to Fail)

‘its not that you need someone to push you… YOU need to push YOU’

daughter: You sound different
Mom: I am… I’m becoming a different person And it FEELS GREAT

Dan runs for 7mph:
‘to feel my body moving that fast for the first time in a long time was a great feeling
It was terrifying
But it was a great great feeling to push myself like that'

Trust the process… change forever
~ Bob

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Sharon said...

Oh, I should really catch up on the missed episodes! Thanks!