Wednesday, March 18, 2009

oh sweet baby jesus!

I was just leaving a reply to Tricia's post about looking for new blogs to read...

and for some reason I thought it would be funny to see a blog named:

Fart Faces Fat Fight!

And then I laughed until I cried like and old man and then had a stich in my side

It was a good laugh.. and then I thought..

"man.. why is this cracking me up so much?"

"oh yeah.. I haven't actually LAUGHED like this in MONTHS"

that's what stress will do to you kids... keep you from really letting go and laughing!

good ol' Fart Face does it every time..

HA.. it just did again..

I just have to say Fart Face and I lose it...

oh lord please let me stay this crazy happy.. even if it IS Crazy!


Dina said...

Glad you got to have a good laugh, sounds like you needed one! I always laugh like a hyena when I'm super stressed :)

Tamzin said...



I had a giggle...farts make me laugh!

Tricia said...

There's an SNL skit where they keep calling a guy FartFace. I'll have to find it for you when I get home and have access to youtube again. Stinkin' work censored computers!

Mary - A Merry Life said...

LOL! I so needed a laugh. Thanks. :)