Thursday, March 26, 2009

well isn't that just special!

I ran for 5 minutes straight today... and get this.. it was EASY

I was inspired by the biggest loser episode where they had to run a half marathon and just thought 'hey.. if they can run for hours at a time.. I can manage 5 minutes'... and so I did...

nothing else really going on..back to the gym and It's nice although I am annoyed that there are more people in the gym now. I was only gone for a week and it seems like everyone and their mother is now at the gym when I am.. I usually go around 5:30 and it's pretty dead...

I'm really tempted to try the Body Jam class on Sunday.. i was watching the instructor practicing today.. this tiny woman just bouncin around going through the routine before tonights class.. and It made me smile.. it's at 10:30 on Sunday.. I may have to make an effort... I am also going to check out a body pump class for REALS this time.. I know I've been talking about it for months.. but I was busy with singing... maybe Ill check out tomorrows pump class.

I hope everyone is having a good week... anyone else feel like this week went by super fast.. not complaining becuase it's one more week down until June when I leave the most BORING office job in the world. March flew by too... again.. not upset!


TJ said...

5 min is not easy, not for me anyway! Good job!


Dina said...

Great job!

I love Church Lady!

The week has been dragging booty for me, glad it went fast for you!

Mel said...

@ TJ - Hah.. i should ammend this... while the first 5 minutes of 'running' (which was really semi-jogging at 3.8mph) seemed easy to me.. after walking a little and then trying to jog/run.. It was no longer easy.. I think my body caught on refused to cooperate and move faster!

@Dina - I've had 'choppin brocolaayyyy' in my head all day.. now THATS special!

Andrea said...

You're doing a good job with the running! Keep at it and you'll get even better and be able to run for alot longer then that. I'm happy for you!