Sunday, May 17, 2009


needless to say... the weekend was NOT healthy...

a whole pint of ben and jerrys
loaded waffle fries
lots of m&ms

at least the week is here and I can get back on a schedule...

epics fails on the weekends!!!


Got my new shoes today... going to break them in tomorrow!
sports bra and clip on mp3 player on the way!!
downloaded the first 4 weeks of the 5K podrunner!

This IS going to happen.. these next 2 weeks are just going to be rough and I will just do the best I can!


Tamzin said...

You can and will do it! I know you will


Carlos said...

plain or peanut?

Mel said...

plain! Yummmmmm

Mama Bear June said...

You CAN do it. Getting prepared is half the battle.
Path to Health

carla said...

ok new shoes gurl,
whats shakin'?
you back on the proverbial wagon?
need a hand up??