Monday, December 28, 2009

Getting back on track...

It sees like every year I set the same goal: LOSE WEIGHT. This past year was no different. I had my ups and downs. I finally found an eating plan that works .... as long as I stick to it. I lost weight and then gained it all back plus some. As I write this, I am at my highest weight EVER. According to my sisters cheap little scale.. I am at 255.. but I will check on my scale when I get back to NY on Jan 2nd.

I know that I can lose weight. I've done it before. When I think about why I got back up to this all-time high.. a few things come to mind like being at a summer camp and throwing my good food habits to the wind... being jobless and stressed for over a month after camp... finally finding a job, living with friends, and then moving.

I finally have my own place and can stock my pantry and fridge with GOOD food. However, I am out in Portland Oregon with my sister for winter break and we have not been eating healthy. I bought a box of clementines and havent had a single one yet.

I need to get excited about being healthy again. There was a time where I was happy to eat well and go to the gym! My body is so tired and achey it's not even funny. My legs feel like stuffed sausage and I currently have no visible neck if Im sitting down. My back and feet hurt worse than ever and just the thought of walking on a treadmill for even 20 minutes makes me shudder.

I'm going to keep gaining weight and feeling worse if I keep it up. I know I need to turn things around and I know I will.

I would really like to be under 200 by my 30th birthday on August 25th. I think that is a reasonable goal. I also want to do a walk/run 5k this spring and then one in the fall so I keep myself on track at camp in the summer. Then in january 2011, T and I have talked about doing the disney marathon. So I def. have long term goals.

this all seems so daunting and I cant believe I got back up to this weight. I have only myself to blame. It's my choice to eat poor and not move. I can get back into it. I have to. If I don't, it's just going to get worse.

I'm going to read through my old posts and get re-inspired. My goal is to write daily again. If you have stuck around from last spring when I was really blogging a lot, thank you. I look forward to getting back on track and getting inspired by you all!

2010 is the year I finally do this... and I mean it this time!!!

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Jenn said...

Mel, I've been where you are now, and I know how you feel. My all time high was 247 - I hit it once about 5 years ago, then yo-yo'ed up and down, got pregnant twice, then wound up again at 247 last year.
It's frustrating, to say the least. But, you sound like you've got a plan for exercise, which is a great start. What is your plan for diet? Because, while exercise is important, if you're diet is not right, you're not going to lose.
2010 will be your year!!! Make a plan, stick with it, take baby steps, and you'll meet (and exceed) your goals.