Sunday, September 28, 2008

Before I start...

I've tried to lose weight many times. For as long as I can remember, I've been fat. I didn't really let it sink in that I was overweight until probably after my undergrad work. I knew I was big.. but I never let it bother me I guess. I think my highest weight in HS was 190. I remember because the day of Junior Prom, I couldn't fit into my dress... my mom made me drink nothing but water all day... I think I weighed 175 once my freshman year of college.. that sure didn't last.

By the time my mom passed away in 2003, I was around 215 or so... My weight went up and down since, topping at 245 in 2006, my first step into a Weight Watchers meeting. I lost about 30 going to meetings...then I got too busy.. too many transitions.. new jobs.. moving.. having an overweight BF didn't help either.. all we did was eat when we hung out.

Now here I am, September 28th, 2008.. I'm heading back to my first WW meeting in over a year on Tuesday. I am around 230lbs right now.. wearing 2x tops and size 20 jeans... wow.
I went through some pictures from undergrad.. when I was definitely below 200.. just to remind that I *can* be below that number.

I stopped eating meat over a month ago (minus one give-in at Dinosaur BBQ). I don't really miss it, and I have been eating more veggies and fruits.. but I could def. eat more. I'm going to go back on the Flex plan (counting points)... that's what worked for me the first time.

Now that I am single.. I only have myself to worry about.. and while I am lonely here in Ithaca.. I need to focus on myself... lose weight.. and also get my voice back in shape.. but that Is another story..

I'm looking forward to this being the last time I go on WW.. I will make healthy choices and exercise a part of my life.. not just a fad.

Here's to one last time!

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