Monday, September 29, 2008

9.29.08 - Food Entry

Daily Points: 32

8am: WW english muffin (1)
2 Tbsp RF PB (4)
small Banana (1)
total: 6

11:30 2 tuna sandwhices (4 each) (8)
carrot sticks (0)
1 graham cracker sheet with pb (3)

4:00 8-super mini blueberry muffins (5)?
total: 5

8:30pm Sweet potato (3)
sour cream (2)
sauted zuchinni and onion (0)
1 1/2 cup jasmine rice (6)
total: 9

USED:33 points

Not too bad of a day.. I kept my water bottle with me.. I didn't need to muffins.. or 2 sandwiches..but..I didn't go over in points.. so I guess it's ok. I'm pretty hungry waiting for my potato to bake.. but that's just because it smells yum!

Im probably going to have some LF graham crackers w/ RF peanut butter later.. 

Im heading to my first WW meeting in over a year tomorrow. I checked the WW web site to see what time it was again.. and it's not listing Ithaca meetings.. and I know there are 4 in the area. Anyways.. I guess I will just go at the time I remember.. 515 on tuesday.. hope I get it right!

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