Monday, October 13, 2008

A good day off!

Thanks to Columbus...I had the day off. It was *gorgeous* today.. almost 80 and sunny!! I went for a walk.. checked out Aldis grocery store to see if it was an ok place to shop, and it does seem ok. I will pick up some things tomorrow after weigh-in. Weigh-in should be good.. Im at 229.6 this am... I have to at least lost a pound and a half this week.. either way.. I know Im gettin back into the WW thing. Unfortunately.. I'm not sure I should be paying for it. I know its only $12/week.. but that ads up.. and with job uncertainty on the rise.. I'm just not sure. I have my 2 week notice in at the preschool.. well.. really.. my boss gave me no option. I told her I couldnt work for 10 and would have to find another job if I could only get 10.. and she said that 10 was the offer and she will accept this as my 2 week notice.. OUCH. It was a harsh and cold email... but.. Something will work out. Im calling kelly services tomorrow.. they said they had some jobs avail.. I'm also going to go into staffkings.. they listed some jobs online on craigslist. It will all work out.. I know it will.

Food today was ok.. although I have been (excusse me) very gassy today and I dont know if its all the squash ive had in the past few days.. or the TOM gas.. who knows.. not happy about it. I am psyched about weigh in at 229.6 this am and cant wait for WI tomorrow eve.

breakfast was late.. 1030.. but a productive day none-the-less.

shredded wheat with soy milk (5)

1 c lentil soup (2)
cheese quesadilla (4)
ww ice cream (2)
pear (1)

pasta 1 c (4)
sauce 1 c (2)
zuchinni (0)
soy milk (2)

slice of banana bread (4)

used 31 points plus 1 wp

I am pretty hungry now though.. Ive heard that when its that TOM, you burn an extra 300 calories a day.. hence why we eat and crave more during that time. But tomorrow is WI so I am being extra careful.. see.. thats why I dont want to stop going to meetings.. it really does hold me accountable. Let's hope I get a job that pays good.. and soon!

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