Sunday, October 12, 2008

ho hum

That's how I feel today... Ho hum... Not about weightloss..I think I'm doing a really good job with watching what I eat. It's just everything else... My job.. love... all that great stuff. I really need to find some new friends in Ithaca... find some community service or something to meet new people.  

I had a really long phone call with Mary today. We're both kind of searching for what to do with our lives. While she is happily married.. she still feels like she's missing something. I do too.. but Im recently single and friendless in a town I used to like... now I can't stand it.. but thats because of the break-up.. and crappy job prospects.

Anyways... I didn't go for a walk.. I'm kicking myself now.. it was so gorgeous.. and all I did was sit in bed and read or watch tv.. I'm so Lazy... and depressed for sure..  But this too shall pass, as my mom always said... I'll get through this and be stronger in the end.

Food For the day..

wayyyy late start...

potatos, eggs, cheese (11)


graham crackers and pb (9)

spaghetti squash w/veggie sauce (1)
2 small WW cheese quesadillas (8)

2 points left and 7 wp available
next weigh in is TUESDAY

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