Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so I'm a vegitarian who eats fish.. fine

I've been playing around with eating vegetarian for almost 2 months now. I havent touched red meat, or chicken for that matter.. in over a month. At the school I work at, we have to eat what the kids eat ( they are 2-4 year olds and want what we Today was hamburger day.. gross.. so I had tuna instead.. its either that or have PB and Jelly sandwiches when they have a meat lunch. I counter-acted it with a big bowl of fresh veggies and some sticky (jasmine) rice.. yum.

Today wasn't bad food-wise. I did start snacking after dinner for no reason.. but am sticking to my 'no-food-after-9pm' rule.. so I'm done. I bought the jello rice pudding cups because i LOVE rice pudding , and they were only 70 cal (2 points) each.. but.. the pudding is too 'eggy'.. i'll finish them.. but I wont buy again. 

here's todays food intake. I def. didn't need 2 sandwiches, or the fries... I have to work harder at taking one portion at school, and stick to it.

shredded wheat/soy milk/banana (6)

tuna sandwich - 6
tuna sandwich w/cheese - 8
fries 4
pear 1

total - 19 !

rice - 4
veggies - 0

graham crackers and rf pb -5
rice pudding - 2
fiber one bar (6pm) 2

total - 9

used  all 31 daily points +  7 weekly points

I need to be careful with my weekly points as I'm going out of town this weekend... 

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