Saturday, October 25, 2008

well that was.. weird

I hung out with the ex tonight.. went to dinner and came back and played rock band and watched 'forgetting sarah marshall'. It was weird.. not awkward.. just weird. We got along ok and I had fun but the jokes that he used to make are now annoying and irritating.. I don't know, maybe you can't be friends with your ex. I feel just indifferent about him now. He asked If i wanted the gifts he gave me (that I returned) back.. ofcourse i said no. I gave them back because I didn't want them and their reminder of what we had and were.. so no.. I don't want them back. I don't know.. I'm not going to make any attempts to hang out. If he wants to, fine.. but it's still a little reminder of what we had and now don't, And i don't like that feeling.. 

Anyways.. back to the real purpose of this blog.. weight loss! WI this morning was at 229.6, hopefully I will not have another fluke... WW Meetings are in the air. I had a good interview yesterday for an office job and will find out this weekend about it.. so It depends on if I'm actually working... which I really hope I am because I'm a little nervous! Dinner tonight was a little much.. but I haven't used much Weekly points, so Im ok. 

Here is todays Food List

cereal/milk/banana (7)
coffee w/milk and sugar (1)

2 grilled cheese (10)
1C green beans (0)

apple (1)

1 cheese and bean quesidilla (10)
beer (3)
chips (4)
guac (2)
3/4 C rice (3)

gin and tonic (4)

Total 45 (minus 15 from WP)
 that dinner is a rough estimate.. so I will be careful with the WP. It's supposed to rain this weekend, so I need to be active inside instead... even if its just 20min of pilates.. I need to get accustomed to working out inside because who knows if/when I'll be able to afford the gym again.

Im staying as positive as possible.. a door doesn't close without a window being left open...

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