Friday, November 21, 2008


My job is not hard.. but boy do i look forward to the end of the week! I finally have a weekend to myself. I really need to clean my bedroom, do laundry, and search through all my boxes and find my gloves. The next month is crazy.. i'll be down on LI with friends for the first part of thanksgiving break.. the next weekend I have a wedding to go to (and sing at), the next weekend is free.. then the weekend of the 20th I am hoping to get my sister out here for christmas week. Busy busy!

WI this morning - 228.0

I have planned my whole day already and WILL stick to it...

Food Log

bagel/cream cheese (5)

couscous (4)
veggies (1)
mock chix nuggets (4)
cheese (2)

apple (1)
hot chocolate (2)

mexican lasagna (8)

100 cal ice cream (2)
100 cal mini popcorn (1)

Used = 30

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