Saturday, November 22, 2008

lazy saturday

228.2 this morning.. BUT.. i'm not going out to eat this weekend.. and am really going to work on saving my WPs for Thanksgiving.. and I will have to do my WI on Sunday morning when I get back (going down to LI).

Food Log
toast (2)
eggs (4)
cheese (2)
butter (1)

100 cal popcorn (1)

potato (3)
mock chix nuggets (5)
catsup (1)

11 left for dinner/eve

dinner ... at first I decided to just snack away the evening.. and had
2 servings on cheezits (8)

then I made pizza... and proceeded to have half the pizza , 4 slices (16)
and a 100 cal icecream (2)

15 points taken away from the WP bank.. leaving 20 points

I don't know why I do this.. I can't decide wether to save for a big event..or.. since they are there to use.. to just use them..

I really need to focus on portions/serving size. 2 slices really is enough for 1 portion.. and I didn't need 2 servings of cheezits.. Just because i have the points.. does not mean i have to use them.. I need to listen to my body/stomach.

Goals for the week:

Drink 8 glasses of water/day

I need to stay calm about these points..

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