Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Giving in to Temptations

I slid past the entrance to the parking lot.. great start to the morning!

WI was 227.8 ... expected it to go up after how much food was consumed yesterday.

That's the only problem with using all my weekly points over the weekend.. I think I freak out and feel denied and then over eat on Monday. It happend last week too.. So.. as long as I get myelf back on 30 points a day from here until Saturday.. I think I will do ok.

Food Log
cereal/milk (7)

Lunch 1200
2 slices Papa John's cheese pizza (14)

345 *
1 slice Pj's cheese pizza (7)

** So.. everyone has left the office and what's the first thing I do.. go grab more food. No one is looking.. so why not have another slice of pizza.. I kinda of had a war with myself over that.. 1. i was hungry, but 2. i didnt need more pizza and only had about 9 points left for the day (now 2).

I got really emotional over this.. eyes teared up a little at my loss of self control.. But I was HUNGRY... so I gave in.. This is a battle that I will win one of these days.. and I really should bring in some snacks to keep at my desk that are points friendly.. mid-afternoon is always the worst time.

just a little annoyed with myself.. I want to see a loss this week.. but If I keep going over 30points a day, then I don't see how it's going to happen.. .BUT.. this is a learning process and I can't beat myself up over one day.. Tomorrow will be a better day.. and the next meal today will still be in control..

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Weight Watcher Diva said...

Hey Mel,

I can totally relate. When I'm "PMS-ing" I have uncontrollable urges to binge. I simply don't get FULL. What I'm learning to do is stuff myself on alot of 1 and 2 point stuff or make substitutions like the pizza I posted about today. i could probably eat 3 of those which averages out to 12points which is alot less than three slices of pizza.

SUBSTITUTION...is the key word. I don't know if you are a milkshake lover, I am. I make them with the Breyers FF Churn Ice cream 1/2c 1pt(love this) with skim milk (1/2c 1 pt)and strawberries (2-3) .5pt. Satisfies my sweet tooth and its very filling for only 2.5pts.

Eating more with less calories is the key: STRETCH THOSE POINTS:) Okay I'm going to stop now because this is quite lengthy:)