Monday, November 17, 2008

i will not jinx this!

WI this am was 226.4 .. and that after having chinese sunday night.
I have no WP left.. so I have to stay within 30 points a day.. so this is how weight loss work.. eat less! haha!

Looked out the window this morning and the snow has stuck.. it's winter...

Food Log
bagel/cc/apple (6)

mexican lasagna (8)
cheezits (4)
5 chocolates (5)

3 slices veggie pizza (15)

38 points

damn chocolates at work!!!.. and cheezits... and I couldve just had 2 slices of pizza...
I will do better tomorrow.. although I think there will be pizza at work tomorrow

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Weight Watcher Diva said...

I totally understand. I lost on ww before my third child and gained it back. I've been going back and forth (one week doing well and the next week pigging out). But I made up my mind...whether good or bad I'm sticking with it until I reach my goal. We can do it:)