Saturday, November 15, 2008

Saturday WI = a loss!

227.5 this morning : ) .. -1.4lbs this week!

And Im relieved to have a full weeks worth of weekly points back.. althought.. not having them made me be extra careful..and I didn't eat late or snack as much.. so I'm going to only use them If I go out for a meal..

Rainy day today.. really can't wait to get my first full pay check so I can join a gym.. although.. I have a lot of bills pilling up.. so I'm not sure I will be able to.. although.. I am getting paid $325 this sunday for the Messiah.. I guess maybe I will be able to.. ha

Food Log

2 bagels (6)
2 eggs w/ch (6)

*really didn't need to 2 bagels...

cereal/milk (6)

burrito (15)
chips and guac (15)

all points for the day used.. and -18 WP (17 WP left)

those burritos at moes are so freakin huge! You can get all the NI off their website.. and the NI for chips and guac is disgusting.. 750 calories!!! and 41g FAT... kindda nuts!

Went to see Quantum Solace w/ John.. its was very action packed but I dont know the bond stories so I was like.. 'whatev'.. I almost got popcorn.. but didn't.. i didn't need it. John was pretty quiet and distant today.. just said he was tired but I feel like theres more there... but what does it matter to me. It's not easy being friends with an ex..and sometimes I think it's not worth it with him.. but who else do I have here in Ithaca....7 more months til my lease is up...

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