Sunday, November 16, 2008


So.. I weight myself this morning and it was 225.4... wiggley what?! I mean.. not complaining.. but after a massive amount of mexican, I was surprised. 

Messiah was today.. and I have to say I was dissapointed. My nerves got the best of me.. I even got lost in my big aria.. ugh.. I'm just out of practice.. I know I can do it.. I just am vocally out of shape and my nerves got in the way. My first thought was 'well.. maybe I shouldn't be performing'... but I know I should.. I would feel so empty if I wasn't singing anymore. I know I'm my own worst critic.. and honestly.. there were some nice moments.. but I was nervous.. and I wasn't supporting or exhaling..and I was listening WAY WAY too much to my voice. I should really find other places to sing.. just to keep me going.. It's too bad TCO is an hour 15 drive away.. or I'd sing in the chorus.. this is why I want to move to a metropolitan area.. so I have singing ops close by.

Food for Today

bagel (3)
egg (2)
butter (2)

pb sandwich (7)

Fried Rice (1 1/2Cups) (9)
1 cup Sesame Chicken (12)
1 veg egg roll (7)
4 dumplings (4)
diet mt dew

I know.. chicken.. wtf?! I'm not so against meat that I wont eat.. I just chose not too the majority of the time.. and in situations where there are no good non-meat choices.. I'll eat a little real meat.

for sure my WP are all gone.. 

Used all my daily.. plus 16 WP points... and I'm pretty sure thats the end of them...which is ok.. because now I will be careful all week... and if this mornings WI is a predictor of anything.. then maybe I will have a good loss this next saturday!

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