Thursday, November 6, 2008

stop slidding back!

Just because I said I am re-starting my weigh-in date to Saturday.. does not give me the right to go all out and eat what i want... we know what that equals... WEIGHT GAIN!

WI this morning was 229.8

anyways.. not the best day today food-wise..

Food Log

cereal/banana/milk (7)

turkey club
diet soda

2 slices toast, 2 eggs, 1 slice ff cheese (8)

popcorn/cheezits (8)

m&ms (6)
diet soda

Not impressed.. but.. I did plan to eat my lunch I brought to work but was taken out to lunch w/the boss.. so what was I supposed to do. As for the eating Turkey.. well.. perhaps I am a Flexitarian.. eating meat when its the only option.. I will not, however, eat red meat ever again.

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