Friday, November 7, 2008

Dunkin Donuts... why?!!

13 points for a muffin.. really?!

well.. it was a delicious 13 point pumpkin muffin... and too late to take it back since it's in my tummy!

I had a little war with myself while driving to DD's. A muffin wasn't going to help me lose weight.. and that's really as far as I got.. then I was at dunkin doughnuts and buying it... My will power is not strong enough to say no to food yet.. Ofcourse I want to lose weight.. but sometimes i think Im just "interested" in loosing weight..not really committed.. Food is still coming before weight loss..

Anyways.. I had a perfectly good lunch.. a soup in hand and cheezits... then I went downtown to the bank and decided I wanted coffee... which led to the muffin.. I really wasn't hungry.. I don't understand myself sometimes.. I hope I can figure out how to stop sabotaging myself..

Food Log

bagel/cc/banana (6)

soup in hand (3)
cheezits (3)

coffee (3)
pumpkin muffin (13)

28 total so far....

Kindda makes me see (through points) how eating just one crappy thing a day can lead to weight gain... huh

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