Monday, December 22, 2008

2 1/2 day work weeks rock...

Sloooow day at work... but I spent an hour and a half on the phone w/ customer service.. outsourced to some foreign country ..half the time I was asking to have things repeated.. I felt bad..

Consciously eating today...

1 tbsp pb

1 cup veg
1 cup couscous(4)
4 ginger snaps (3)
raw baby carrots
hummus (1)

apple (2)
cheese stick (2)

GYM - 30 minute walk (+2ap)

after gym -- 1oz almonds (4)

22 used - 2.. 20 used... 12 left for the day

garliky greens/mushrooms/white beans ?

I'm laying off on cheese at every meal...and will attempt to have less startch...but I have about half my points left and said dinner will not use more than 5 of those..

so my question is... if you are doing Flex.. do you have to eat all your points.. I mean.. I know if you are hungry you do.. but I don't want to eat crap just so i can use all my points for the day..

make sense?

off to find a recipe.. i have a bag of spinach and mushrooms that need to be used up!

Post dinner thoughts...

Used too much olive oil for one.... and could've done with a cup of beans instead of the can...

1 bag of spinach was NOTHING... I always forget how much smaller it gets once it's wilted..

I ended up making whole wheat thin spaghetti... mixed the pasta and veg/bean mix all together with some reduced fat parmesean cheese

I think I over did it with the pasts tho... I don't know how to measure it.. dry or cooked.. so.. I'm just going to say i ate the rest of todays points... after all the oil used and probably more than 2oz. of pasta.. and take away 5 from my WP bank...

(18 wp left)

any good tips on measuring pasta?!


Bunny Trails said...

My honest advice? Eat your points! When I cut too low, I don't lose much at all. When I fill up my points with healthy foods (maybe add some fruits, more veggies, 1 oz of whole cheese?) - I lose so much more weight!

Glad you had a nice day at work and a LOW number of days this week :)

Bunny Trails said...

I use a food scale and I weigh it cooked and use ounces in the points calculator on Weight Watchers. Sadly, not much equals lots of points. I add bulk to the meal by adding in at least a cup of mushrooms.