Sunday, December 21, 2008

food 12/21

light wrap (1)
2 eggs scrambled w/milk (5)
cheese (2)

chili (2)
cheese (2)
sweet potato (3)

pasta w/broc and 'chicken' (8)
english muffin (2)
cheese (3)


really craving chocolate.. so will have a hot chocolate tonight and some ginger snaps perhaps.
Once my paycheck clears (which was supposed to be Friday MORNING)...I think I may go do myself a favor and buy the "Eating Clean' book.. or at least go sit in barnes and noble and check it out..

ginger snaps (6)
hot cocoa (2)

all 32 points used...
-4 from WPs... leaving 31 wp's

This is my issue with Flex... I may stick to my alloted points.. but I'm still not eating exactly healthy... I ate mostly carbs and cheese today.. I like the premise of 'eating to live'.. especially after reading the 'China Study'... how processed foods,meat,dairy... are not good for our bodies.. but it was very strict. I'm thinking Reno Toscas 'Eat Clean' plan may be the in-between plan I need.

.... apple (2)
pb (6)

23 wp's left


Bunny Trails said...

I highly suggest 'eating clean'. It's not always easy when everyone else is eating processed foods, but if you stick to whole foods - you will not have a hard time losing! :)

Great menu today!

Bunny Trails said...

I'm not totally familiar with the 'eat clean' diet, but from what I have read it seems very close. Basically, you can't eat anything synthetic - no processed foods at all! If you stick to fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, & whole grains - you'll be there. The highest point item I eat is raw, full fat cheese. I only eat 1 oz at a time so it's only 3 pts. All of the foods are so low in points, it's easy to stick to your points guidelines! I can explain anything you need and/or suggest books and cookbooks. There are also several blogs out there with great stuff. Just let me know if you wanna give it a try :)

MizFit said...

I love the book clean eating as well...perhaps a mix of the 2 plans is what youre looking for?

Warm Bunny said...

Hi Mel. First of all, you are gorgeous! I know you must know that, but the weight is a barrier for you. The most I ever weighed was 205, right before I gave birth. Normally I stay around 150. For a long time, though, I was 185...worked hard....and brought it down to 165.....then back to the 150-155 range where I seem to hover no matter what I eat or don't eat. I looked at what you are eating, and saw some repetition during the day that impedes weight loss. I think you could be loing 4 pounds a week or more if you changed up a few things, and it would also have you eating clean. I am going to tell you for free about the LA Weight loss diet that I paid $500 to learn. It's easy:
3 servings of protien per day (3 eggs is a single serving, 2 boca patties is a serving, one can of tuna, one large chicken breast, etc.)
4 1-cup servings of fresh vegetables per day
3 whole pieces of fruit per day
2 slices of lite wheat bread per day (OR substitute wheat tortillas, or 1 whole wheat english muffin)
2 servings fat per day (one serving is a tablespoon of dressing or butter)
2 servings of low fat dairy per day (one serving would be 2 mozzerella sticks, 1 container of low-fat yogurt, 2 slices hard cheese, 1 cup low fat cottage cheese)
1 or 2 lite protien bars as a snack per day (120 calories or so)

Forgive any unwanted advice. I lost the weight and kept it off, and eating this way became a habit for me. You HAVE to eat ALL of the food each day. Some days it was difficult for me to finish it all. Regardless, I wish you lots of happiness and good luck.