Wednesday, December 10, 2008

a change is gonna come...

I've kind of slipped from WW and counting points. About 2 months ago I read the book 'Eat to Live' by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. It's basically a vegan diet with limited startches. The concept is to have the majority of your calories come from Greens/Veggies and Fruits. You also need to eat at least 1 cup of legumes a day. You have the option to have 1 cup of either whole grains or a starchy veg (corn/potato..). You may not eat any meat, dairy, cheese, processed foods, oils..

It seems very extreem to me but man.. something needs to give.. Im up to 232 today and I am completely miserable (it doesnt help that my period is late.. and thats not good!)

I figure I can do smoothies for breakfast.. I like those..
I can make veggie soups, bean soups, make veggie curries, stir frys (w/ veg broth)
I'm going to start this as soon as I can get to the grocery store. But before that I need to pick a couple recipes. Im not a huge salad eater.. but If i can have a low cal dressing on it, I can do it. Plus I can have avocado and nuts (limited) .. so It wont be horrible.

I just really need something to get me out of this downward spiral I'm in. I love WW but it's so easy to still eat bad foods as long as I'm within points.. and lately.. that doesnt even matter..

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