Thursday, December 11, 2008

too stressed

I''m too stressed to care right now.. and that's not helping my weight issues..

my period will be a week late come saturday.. granted.. i took the plan b pill.. and that can sometimes make it late.. but I just have a bad feeling that it didn't work for me. DR said if nothing happens by the 15th, to take a pregnancy test.

so.. I havent really be able to stick with eating the best this past week.. I've been an emotional mess and making horrible food choices. But I will log my food for today... even thought I'm goin to be switching to the Eat to Live plan probably on Saturday.. just so the first few days are on a weekend.. because I'm sure I will feel crappy detoxing from all the crap i've been eating.

Food Log

toast w/ natural pb

1 cup no meat chili (corn/black beans/tomato/fake ground beef) 5 p/ cup
4 taco shells (6)

huge sweet potato (4)
butter (2)
2 cups mixed veggies (0)
cheese (4)
4 'chicken' nuggets (4)

4 graham cracker sheets (4)
unknown amount of natural pb

64 oz water

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