Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day One - Eat To Live

day one and I'm here sipping my smoothie. I defrosted the frozen strawberries and peaches it wasnt freezing on this already cold morning. Added a banana, but a little too much water maybe.. but It is still good.. so no complaints so far.

The challenge will be the salads.. which is actually the biggest component to this plan. I need to change my thinking about salads.. It's nutritous and thats what this plan is all about .. eating nutritious food.

I need to make a few meals this weekend. I'm going to make another chili, minus the corn and tvp. I'm also going to make a bok choy soup w/ mushrooms and spinach. I hope to be able to get more creative in the kitchen with veggies.

I'm going to track todays food in sparkpeopl just to see how the nutrients break down and how much calories I actually get..

For lunch I made a big salad, half romaine and half baby spinach. I put shredded carrots, white beans and sliced cucumber on top. I tired to make a bean dip, but it came out too runny (too much water).. so i used it as a salad dressing instead. It wasnt bad. I don't think i'll be buying cucumber again tho.. not so yum this time of year.

I also made a pot of chili.. 2 bean w/tomatoes.. and chili spice... which has salt in the mix.. oops.
I am full after lunch tho. I was hungry not even 3 hours after breakfast i may need to add more fruit to my smoothies? I actually feel stuffed right now... I think it's the chili tho.. let's so how long till I feel hungry again. I have a big bottle of water so if i get the hungry feeling, I will drink water first.

Made hummus (no oil) and had baby carrots around 430.. I was getting hungry after I thought I was really full after lunch.. It's now 530 and I feel really really hungry. My stomach is growling. I don't get it. I'm thinking its just my body used to have a lot my calories by now..

Breakfast (10:30ish)
1 banana, 1 cup strawberries, 1 cup peaches (4 servings of fruit) SMOOTHIE
259cal/1gFat/67g Carb/3 protein/11 fiber

Lunch (1:00)
1 1/2 C 2 bean Chili
(black bean/chili bean (rinsed)/diced tomatoes/tomato sauce)

Large Salad
1/2 romaine, 1/2 baby spinach,shredded carrotts, cucumeber,white beans
bean dressing (black beans,spices,water)

snack (430)
baby carrots
home made hummus
(120cal/22 carbs/3 fat/ 4 protein)

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Anonymous said...

Can u have Orange juice and protein powder on the eat clean plan. When I make my smoothies i put i cup of light and healthy OJ, and i scoop vanilla protein powder in mine and it makes me feel fuller longer. Just an idea.