Friday, December 12, 2008

Getting re-motivated

completely off topic --- but still no period, but too a prego test and it came out negative.. plan b can mess TOM up.. but I'm going to take another on monday as told to do by DR... I would really love to not be pregnant...


Ok.. so.. I did some grocery shopping today for my new eating style. I'm using Dr. Joel Fuhrmans "eat to live' plan.. lots of veggies, fruits, beans and limit whole grains/startchy veg. I really hope I can do this.. I'm pretty sure I can.. but now I'm worried I wont be able to afford it! I'm going to track how much food I've eaten as well as how much groceries are lasting and costing.

Walmart has cheap canned beans and i found a great deal on the steam bag veggies ($1/bag!).. unfortunately.. my walmart is not a super w.. so VERY limited food section.. they had 2 shelves of frozen veg. I'm going to have to check out Aldi's for frozen veg/fruit.

Here's what I've bought.. let's see how long it lasts.. The goal is 1lb raw veg and 1lb cooked a day..but that's just the goal.. I did end up buying fat free salad dressing.. in his book he says salad dressing w/ 20cal or less is ok.. but oils are not really allowed on the diet.. and italian dressing has oil.. so it's a tiny cheat. Plus.. I forgot my avocados.. I will probably be getting groceries again in a few days anyways...

(2) steam fresh broc $2.00
(1) can black beans $0.58
ff italian salad dressing $1.98

Total $4.56


(3) bananas, $0.50
(1) Cucumber $0.99
(2) Zuchinni $2.33
(1) box choy $0.77
bag of 3 romaine hearts $3.69
2 boxes mushrooms $3.00
1 bag shredded carrots $1.99
2 bags baby spinach $5.00
large bag baby carrots $2.99
(1) bag frozen peaches (16oz) $3.69
(1) bag frozen strawberries (16oz) $2.65

TOTAL $27.58

Grand Total: $32.14

The problem is that my food budget is for $20/wk.. and I dont think the above food will last a week.. at least the salad wont.. we will see! I am looking forward to fruit smoothies tho! Bad time to start this eating plan tho.. its so cold! I'm going to print a bunch or WARM food recipes today.

This is the way I should be eating (and could be eating on WW). I'm giving it 1 month. I'm sure I'll see results.. but I wonder if I can afford it and actually enjoy it. That's the hard part.. but food is just there for nutrition and support the body.. It does not pay my bills.. it does not fix my problems.. Its just food.

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