Sunday, December 7, 2008

I fell off the wagon...

I've been really struggling with eating right the past week.. I had a wedding to go to Saturday and it was buffett.. I got a huge plate of food.. ugh.. AND there was a candy bar.. which I ate all my candy today to "get it out of the house"... I had chinese tonight..and about 6 shortbread cookies

I just have no control right now.. I keep waiting for that gym membership thinking it will change everything.. and It will.. I will definently watch what I eat even more.. but I can't wait for that.. because who knows if ill be getting into a gym any time soon.

Anyways.. Tomorrow is a new day.. and I will continue to count my 30 points a day.. and since Saturday is my restart.. I have definently used my 35 weekly points. I have cleaned my room and have space to work out and have no reason not to. My goal is to do some form of movement at least 2 times this week. I have a pilates ball that I can also attach bands too... I have taebo on dvd... I should be able to take 20 - 30 minutes after work to workout instead of sit on my ass for 4 hours after work.

I'm going to lose this weight.. even if it means 1 lb a week or less... I'm not living my life. I cancled a date because I feel so fat and just don't feel like meeting people. That's not good! SO.. I need to lose weight to make myself feel better about myself.. and to actually live my life.. because right now I'm just wasting it. I've let my weight really hold me back recently. I need to seriously focus on me.. and take losing weight seriously. I need to be focused and determined 100%.. stay within points and get some kind of exercise in. I have to do this.. I'm not healthy and I'm definently not happy.. this changes NOW.

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