Monday, December 8, 2008

$8 for 2 cups of coffee!?!!

One of our morning DJ's is out infront of Wegmans grocery store for the week. We are collecting canned good for the red cross food pantry in Ithaca and he is living out there (in a tent) for the week while we take donations.. and try to fill a 24" truck. Anyways.. I went down to see how he was doing.. Its FREEZING out.. so I grabbed him a large gingerbread latte and got myself a small of the same version... came to $8 dollars and change.. WTF?! For coffee.. c'mon! I will not be going there for coffee again... $2 for a large coffee at DD's!

Re-focusing this week.. Eating in moderation.. kind of.. damn cookies

Food Log

bagel (3)
butter (2)

sweet potato (3)
veggie mix (1)
cheese (3)

small gingerbread coffee (5)
3 shortbread cookies (6)

7 points left

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