Monday, December 15, 2008

New lease on life...

At least that's how I feel.. If you've been reading along.. you know I had a pregnancy scare.. I took another test this morning and it came out negative. Not an hour after I got really crampy and my period had started.. Thank GOD. Not that I dont want children.. just not now. It really put me in a huge tail spin.. eating out of control.. my emotions were off the charts..

But NOW... I am happy.. and looking towards the future of just focusing on me.. no more guys.. no more crappy food.. Just healthy eating and exercise.. and getting back into yoga to help my stress levels. I think my stress just dropped after this mornings test and my period decided to come.. I know our bodies work like that..

So.. Called City Health Club.. and talked to the manager.. he gave me a great deal on 5 months.. well from now until I leave.. $220 for 5 months ($44/month).. and since Amy gave me my rent back (her BF is staying all next month.. so i get my money back.. and $ for taking care of her cat while she's away).. I have $350 extra... so $220 will go straight to the gym.. and the rest into savings for emergencies.

I can't believe how relieved I am.. now I can clear my mind and focus on losing weight and getting healthy..

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