Sunday, December 14, 2008

more veggies please

231 this morning..

Since i have salad stuff.. I'm going to do salads and soup for lunch this week. Ideally I'd like to try for one meal a day without any carbs.

I'm going to review the core plan.. I havent been to a meeting since late october (financial reasons)..and know noting about this new momentum plan they have... so I will stick with flex/core.

Breakfast (10am)
1 light flat bread wrap (1)
2 eggs (4)
1/4c cheese (2.5)


snack (200)
2 graham crackers (2)
natural pb (3)

lunch (315)
baby spinach salad (o)
bean dip dressing (3)

1 Cup bean chili (4)

Dinner (630)
2 cups veggies (0)
1 1/4 cups Rice (5)

815 - snack
carnation instant bf shake (4)
1 TBsp natural pb (2)

used 31.5


Katschi said...

Hi Mel! Thank you for adding yourself to my followers list!

I think you'll find that the less processed foods you eat, the more energetic, alert & healthy you'll feel which will help give you the momentum to stick with it.
I'm Eating Clean for the most part ~98%? ~~ which is probably what Core is. I find it easy to pick a protein & combine it with carbs for my meals. Admittedly, I'm not eating very many starchy carbs at the moment but I'm rethinking this strategy. But not for 3 meals body doesn't give up weight if I eat too many.

I wish you lots of success in trying something new!!! Definitely get rid of the processed food! Your body will reward you with healthy weight loss, believe me!

Mel said...

Are you using the Eating Clean book or just doing it on your own? I think the hard part for me is getting enough protein. I stopped eating meat and rely mainly on cheese and beans..and peanut butter. I know I need to get processed foods out of my diet...and dairy. I've got a lot of good ideas after reading your posts. Thanks for posting your daily menus.. gives me a good idea of what I should be focusing on.