Monday, January 12, 2009

Food will not help the situation

Emotional Eating NOT at it's finnest today..

Very stressful afternoon at work. I'm finishing up billing for december and there are a TON of errors. Our software had a glitch, and has been fixed.. but now everything is a mess. Everything else about my job is fine (I am the office manager and trafficing agent for a Radio station)... but the billing portion of it really frustrates me. The perfectionist in me get's upset that there were errors and even though most were out of my hands..


I saw some cookies and was really tempted.. but

I do not solve problems with food anymore

I came here to write about it.. and think about it. I'm still learning my job.. there were human errors as well as software.. and things will get fixed tomorrow with the help of another billing person at another station of ours.. so it is not the end of the world.

I will go to the gym after work.. do my hour walk..
and leave work AT WORK!


Deidre said...

That's the way to think! Good for you!
I am 12 lbs away from my goal of 155. I started out at 238. It has been a long journey, but now the goal is really in sight. I plan to read your blog for inspiration so....
Keep going

Sharon said...

Wow, you are so strong!

CJ said...

Sounds like you are handling the stress well....I am an office manager too and errors are so frustrating...used to they would send me eating......but not anymore!

Good luck and keep up the good work.