Sunday, January 11, 2009

a little binge...

Kind of went nuts at dinner tonight. It all started with these Jennie-o turkey burgers that just didn't do it for me. they were not appitizing.. they were the savory flavor.. and it seemed greasy or something.. kind of had the heartburn/acid in the back of my mouth.. so that annoyed me... So to get the taste out of my mouth.. I had a bowl of cereal. Kashi golean Crunch isn't bad.. but when you have 1 1/2 cups (300cal!) .. it kind of is... plus the soy milk..

anyways.. dinner was around 800 cals (i had some bread and veg in there too..) over all calorie total for the day was 2230.. very high for me.. I don't think my weight loss will stop or anything.. but I had to sit down and thing about what really was going on tonight.

I need to find new meal ideas.. these basic meals are getting boring to me.. and I don't want to stop eating clean because I know it's good for me and obviously it's working... but I really need a little more variety.

I was also bored tonight...and am PMS'ing... so I know what that binge really was... and yeah.. the burgers left a bad taste.. I will be returning them tomorrow.. ($7.50 for a box of 12.. so yeah.. RETURNING!)

Tomorrow I will go on as usual.. hit the gym after work and just keep going. I'm not going to let this little binge, though pretty healthy, stop me from anything. It happens... moving on!


Sharon said...

Glad outlook, seriously, I think you're amazing! I love your mentality of simply moving on! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

Katschi (Karen) said...

For sure just continue on your way tomorrow. It's no big deal at all. Your body might even like the extra calories to work out with tomorrow :)
I like cereal for a snack & when I want some carbs.
I just ordered the Eat Clean Diet cookbook for some variety.
Mel, you're doing great!

mizfit said...


it's a new day. just keep looking and moving forward and drink some extra water today if you can fit it in.

have a great workout (hintnudge :))