Monday, January 19, 2009

Got a minute?

The following is not my own work -- It is by Linda Spangle.. author or "100 days of weight loss' and ' Life is Hard, Food is easy' .. Both EXCELLENT books to help you stay focused. I'm currently re-working through '100 days' and it's a nice reminder of what I need to do to get this done once and for all!

It's a little long but SO WORTH IT!

Got a minute? That's long enough to renew your focus
The Wt. Loss Minute By Linda Spangle, RN, MAAuthor: 100 Days of Weight

(Be sure to read the GREAT NEWS about changes in thisezine, then pass this on to everyone you know who struggleswith weight loss. See end of today's ezine for the specialannouncement!)

Great idea: Keep going with your program, day after dayafter day...

Today will decide whether you make it or not. In fact,today represents a critical turning point in yourweight-loss success.

The reason? Most people average just three to four weeks ona diet before they fall off the wagon. So for all of youwho started a weight-loss program around the first ofJanuary, this is diet drop-out week!

You've probably been through this before. When you firststart a new diet, you feel strong, motivated and determined that you will reach your goal. For the first few weeks,everything goes well. You meticulously count food points,drink your nutritional shakes or write down everything you eat.

But real life didn't change just because you went on a diet. People still bring cookies to work and invite you to birthday parties or happy hour. Others entice you to share a dessert. And somewhere between week three and four,there's a good chance you'll start to weaken.

Perhaps you'll get tired of planning and recording. Or you'll get side-tracked by stress, fatigue or work challenges. Next thing you know, you'll give into temptation and eat six cookies or have a couple glassesof wine.

In reality, falling off your diet isn't the end of theworld. Unless--you can't get back on it again. That's what makes this such a critical point in your weight-loss plan.What you do this week can affect the outcome of the entireyear ahead.

Here are three important steps to put in place immediately:

1. Remember WHY...
To strengthen your motivation, review all the reasons WHYyou want to lose or maintain your weight. Make sure you have a list of at least ten outcomes you want so badly-things such as feel better, have more energy, wear nicer clothes, have less back and knee pain, and sit in a theaterseat comfortably.

If you're feeling really bold, add ten more things such as wear a bathing suit without feeling embarrassed,participate in a yoga class, run a 5K race. Read your list often, perhaps daily, over the next few weeks.

Anytime you're tempted to let up on your program, go backto the list and remind yourself, 'THIS is why I'm doing this diet/exercise program. And because these things are important to me, I'll keep going with my efforts,'

2. Go back to what works

When you first started your diet plan, what helped you make it work? What tricks did you use to drink enough water or avoid food temptations? Was there a certain time of day that you did your exercise? Make a list of things that contributed to your ability to stay on track. Then put these ideas back in place and use them to make your program successful again.

3. Keep going, day after day after day...!

Success requires staying on your program day after day after day. Any time you're tempted to give up on your dieting efforts, think about how much progress you've made so far. Then tell yourself that all you have to do is complete one more day.

Make a sign that says:

DON'T STOP NOW! Just do one more day!

Post copies on the refrigerator, your computer, in your car, and anywhere else where it will help your focus. Use this reminder to help you push through fatigue,discouragement, and motivation struggles. Every day on the path is a day closer to your goals!

Exciting news! Tell all your friends!!!
Beginning in February, I will begin a new ezine theme based on my best-selling book, 'Life is Hard, Food is Easy.' Overthe course of this next year, I will cover most of the content of this book by summarizing it in my weekly ezine.

You don't need to buy the book or spend time reading the entire text (unless you want to.) Instead, you'll be ableto use my ezine as a weekly learning tool. I'll becovering all the important lessons from the book,including:

* 5 Steps to conquering emotional eating* Ways to routinely boost motivation and keep it strong* How to prevent sabotage, from others as well as yourself* Move past the barriers that keep getting in your way* Heal tough emotions such as grief, anger and depression

Pass it on!
Forward this ezine to everyone you know who struggles with weight loss. They won't want to miss this great year of book excerpts as well as input and advice.

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Rebecca said...

thanks! I soo needed this tonight.

Katschi (Karen) said...

Thanks for posting this Mel!
I think alot of us are pooped right about now and need to hear this encouragement to keep going!
What I liked hearing is that most people only last 3-4 weeks before falling off the dieting wagon. Why?
Well, I'm finally NOT most people this time! I've been at it faithfully since Oct 26/08!

Hey Mel! sweep and vaccuum the bedroom!!! lol
I need to get all the crap off the floor before I can do either. I live like a slob. It's horrible.
I won't be able to get goal #4 accomplished in this messy house :)

Sharon said...

Great post! I really needed this!

Jeanne said...

Really enjoyed this post. Thanks for the motivation!

MizFit said...

it is just the keep going huh? the keep onward and trudging and not QUESTIONING (if youre me) and waking up again and doing it tomorrow...and leaning on the blogworld as you go.