Sunday, January 25, 2009

If you fail to plan... you plan to Fail

For the first time EVER I have made a menu plan for the week. I've even put it into sparkpeople for the week... at least up until Dinner.. I have to figure out calories and what not for those still.. but at least I know what I will be eating every day.

For someone who claims to like to be organized... this is organization beyond what I have ever done. I even cut up all my veggies for the week.. washed grapes and made individual servings. My yogurts are the dannon cups.. which I can't wait to get through because, Surprise Surprise! they are too sugary!

It may seem like a simple plan for the week.. but that's what works for me. I get home so late during the week that I really need the weekends to get ahead as much as possible. I also have a roommate and we eat dinner around the same time which also means we cook around the same time. I have issues sharing food, so no, I will not cook with her.. plus she doesn't eat what I eat..

Here is my weeks plan.. just for me to refer back to.. but If it helps you figure some things out.. that's great too!

Here's to an AWESOME week... I can feel it already! ; )

EDIT: I will be uploading another blog post about my meal plan as I have just learned you can upload from word to blogger.. Sweet!

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Sharon said...

Sounds like a great plan overall!