Friday, January 30, 2009

Mental health day

Yesterday I was feeling dizzy and a really bad headache...and the light outside was blinding me. This is is pretty easy since my office has a full wall of just window. Great view.. but man it hurt my head.

I did all my work for friday and the weekend yesterday, after my boss approved a 'sick day'. I think a lot of it is just stress but I still do have a bit of headache.. maybe it's just sinus pressure.

Anyways.. slept in til 10:30 today. Plans to clean my bedroom today, pick up my suv, and go to the gym.

My car was actually ready on Wed. I asked if i could post date a check because i would have the money until Friday.. they said no. I got angry, which didn't help with how i was feeling yesterday. My paycheck is direct deposited, and is in there now.. so I will be getting a ride down to the shop to pick it up this afternoon.

I've never considered myself and angry person. I'm pretty good about turning the negatives to positives.. but this week was a true test. It made me think more seriously about stress management... mainly meditation and yoga. I tend to avoid yoga/meditation because it is too 'new age-y' to me.. which is rediculous.. but it just stems from my practical nature I guess.
I will work on incorporating meditation into my life.. even if it's only a few minutes at a time. Just to have a moment of stillness and quite to refocus myself ... that would be a great thing. (thanks MizFit for the post on meditation this week!)

I'm glad I was able to take today off.. My life kind of slipped down a slippery slope this week but today I feel like I'm getting back to a better place and can really get back on track. Once i pick up my car today I will leave all that negative energy about that situation there.. I will not bring it home with me. What's done is done.. move on.

This weekend will be devoted to cleaning and reorganizing. My eating clean has slipped a bit.. I'm letting too much sugar and non-clean items into my diet. My yoplait yogurt is all gone.. (I feel guilty throwing it out...). I need to decide if yoghurt and cheese are things I want to keep around.... and eggs... as i was making a fried egg this morning the realization that that is an embryo and couldve been a living creature kind of hit home. I have been keeping meat out of my diet.. and have been eating Vegetarian for the past 5 months (with a few relapses here and there!)...but now I'm not sure eggs are going to stay. Need to review my diet this weekend.

Lots to do this weekend... and I've decided to move my weigh in to Monday moring so i stay on track better on the weekend... although.. I've even been wondering if using a scale weekly is worth it... the way our weights fluctuate so much... plus I've started doing weight training ((and am VERY tempted to do a BodyPump class for a real challenge -- and for something that will push me outside my comfort zone). I may after this next weigh in switch to MONTHLY weigh in's... sounds scary... but seeing the scale go up and down so much is annoying... and as long as I am counting my calories (i use sparkpeople every day).. and know I am doing everything right.. then why NOT just weigh once a month.. save myself some stress.

Have a great weekend everyone.. I'll try to check in at some point!


Rebecca said...

Happy for you that you are getting your car back. It is always useful to have a day or a weekend to "touch base" with yourself, reevaluate your needs and wants and align those to your goals. It will be time well spent. Enjoy!

Scale Junkie said...

I'm so glad you got your car back. It stinks to be stuck like that.

Eggs are a good source of protein so if you give them up plan on adding something else to your diet to get enough protein, especially with the strength training. (I totally sounded like MizFit there didn't I?haha LOVE her)Meditation doesn't have to be newagey, its a great way of managing stress and I need to make more time for it each day myself.