Thursday, January 22, 2009

positive thinking and moving forward

Sparkpeople Translation:

How many times has somebody told you to “think positively”? Easier said than done, right? But this truly can make a difference in your life. Focus on the good, and learn from the bad. You have the freedom and ability to choose your own attitude. What will you choose? Enthusiasm can carry you through a lot more than you think. Never just be satisfied with what you have, but keep working to achieve more. Set specific goals and work for them. After you have accomplished them, set new ones. Keep working to make yourself a better person.


Sharon said...

Wow, love this! Thanks for sharing!

Princess Dieter said...

That's a terrific papal quote. THANKS. I do believe that attitude--being grateful, thinking positive, looking FORWARD--is very, very important for life, even if I occasionally lapse into looking backward and thinking cynically.

I hope your thoughts can stay UP today, but also that positive things happen for you today, too!

The Princess