Thursday, January 22, 2009

not impressed

with myself!

I overate at dinner. I'd call it a binge but it was all healthy food although it was not in moderation for sure.

I think I was trying to make up for calories. I had my regular protein shake/smoothie this am... didn't have time for my mid morning snack.. lunch was couscous and veggies/beans... I also had baby carrots and hummus.. but I'm getting sick of carrots and the hummus I got was nasty.. that's what I get for buying cheap hummus I guess.

I had 3 cups of coffee today too.. with splenda and non-dairy creamer
I only drank about half of my big water bottle at work

then i came home starving.. so I doubled my dinner portion... instead of 6 turkey meatballs.. I had 12... I had 1 portion of whole wheat pasta.. a cup of steamed broc and carrots (the carrots I couldn't eat at lunch).. then decided to double my portion of spaghetti sauce .. then.. I needed something to soak up all that spaghetti sauce.. so I grabbed a piece of whole grain bread and put a little dab of real butter on it.

I felt a little out of control for sure. I was eating fast and just stuffing it all in my mouth like I had never had pasta or bread before. I am by no means on a low carb diet either. I just needed to stuff myself I guess.

I know why too --- pretty stressful week and I am just getting tired. I keep it in the back of my mind that this is usually the week people start falling of diets... and I really don't want to be a part of that statistic.. I just need to get through the rest of this week and re-focus myself this weekend.

I'm getting much much better about emotional eating for sure. And while my water intake has been iffy this week.. I have managed to stay within my daily calorie goals for the most part. Who knows what saturday morning WI will bring. I'm actually half expecting a gain.. and only because the week before I lost 5lbs...and I've also been stressed/down this week... and when you are down.. your body usually holds onto the weight.. or at least I've notice that that has happened for me.

how many times can I say it .. and why can't I take my own advice...


tomorrow I will drink all my water.. I have cardio and will do my first weight session.. I will eat more protein instead of carbs and find new snacks since carrots/hummus is boring now.

I will not let this one day diminish the past 3 weeks accomplishments.

I will go back and re-read my old posts where I was really motivated and determined just to remind myself that I actually can be that person.

I will move forward, always with an eye on the past but never letting the past take me down...

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