Friday, February 13, 2009


What a crazy crazy day today turned out to be. Let's re-cap.. starting with the bad

1. I get a call at work from my half brother - our grandma had passed away yesterday from a stroke. This makes me sad because I hadn't seen her since 2005. After my mom left my dad, his side of the family said some pretty nasty things about my mom and my sister and I haven't really spoke to that side of the family.. even after my mom and dad passed away. It's a rough, uncomfortable area of my life. I feel bad that my grandma died.. but after getting the call about your mom and then your dad passing.. what else is there left to say. My sister and I talked about that for awhile. We've went through so much grief at once that now other deaths don't seem as shocking (for lack of better term).. and not that I'm not sad that my grandma is gone.. she was old and all.. but I guess I can't process death the same way other's do.. I'm too used to it.. which is in a way good and I guess bad... because I am, in my mind, a pretty emotional accesible person.

2. Had a fight with a co-worker this morning... I'm completely done with this persons attitude at work and towards me. He thinks he's the best thing in the world and nothing (and no one else) matters.. It really pissed me off enough today to go to my boss about it. It's people like this jerk that make me not want to work there anymore.. I felt very under appreciated today.. and this guy also made me feel like an idiot and that I wasn't important... totally uncalled for and unacceptable. I think belittleing someone is one of the meanest things you can do...

3. I'm way tired and it's totally that Time of Month... which didn't help with the above (nothing like crying infront of your male boss...ha)

After all that.. somehow.. and surprisingly .. my day improved.

1. An old family friend stopped by the office... little did we both know that we actually work in the same building.. and on the same FLOOR. He is 3 offices down from the station.. totally crazy! It was really nice to reconnect with him and his family. They lived next to my family at our summer home... and had just found out about my parents this past week.. hence why they sought me out. He offered his condolences and any help if I need anything since they live 20 minutes from me. We made plans to do dinner when his daughter (a close friend growing up in the summer) to me comes home for Easter break. That was really nice!

2. Yesterday was a little crazy with some orders we had coming in.. I went out of my way for one of the sales guys... it wasn't really a difficult task.. but he came in this afternoon with a little box of chocolates to thank me for going "above and beyond yesterday".. and for Vday as well.. It was really sweet and totally unexpected. It's nice to know there are still nice guys in the world... His wife and kids are really lucky!

3. Even though I was tired.. and ALMOST bailed on the gym... I went anyways and somehow found the energy to run for 7 minutes (not consecutively.. but still).. I actually did a full 3 minutes at one point. I don't understand how I am able to do that when I'm PMS'y... and other days when I think Im ok... I just drag ass... Funny. But.. I was freaking proud of myself for really pushing myself. I had a mental dialogue of inspiration going through my head while running.. mostly "why do you want this" kind of stuff. So that was pretty neat!

So all my negatives balanced out with some positives today... which was super awesome! I'm really thinking of starting a gratitude journal... but for now I'm going to keep it here... I think it's nice to pay things forward and if someone reads this and smiles because of it.. that would be neat. This week is national 'Random Act of Kindness' week... which I love because my mom was SO pro- Random Act of Kindness and I thought it was fitting that it started the day of her would be 53rd Birthday (2/9).

Have a great weekend, everyone! I get to do taxes... and I think I'm finally going to have that meeting about making camp administration full time. I also noticed at the gym that they are doing an intro class to the weight class I want to take... at 1030 on sunday.. which I am totally going to check up.. just to see what it's all about!

Take a moment to think about what things made you grateful today!


TJ said...

Sorry about all of the bad stuff today. You could have just gone home and crawled under the blankets, but WTG on hitting the gym! :) Good job!

Thanks for mentioning that this week is National Random Acts of Kindness week! I plan on spreading some cheer!

:) tj

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry girlie. But I'm glad to hear that your negatives balanced out with the positives!!

Dina said...

Wow that's a whammy of a day, sorry.

Hope things start looking up soon :)

HopeFool said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother.

I liked hearing about the "mental dialogue of inspiration" though. Good for you!