Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weigh In

Yes.. moved the day again.. but I want to relax for some of my weekend without thinking about food... so Sunday is my WI and 'one treat meal' day... I promise not to change it.... at least for a week... haha.. no really.. I want to keep it at this day for as long as I can..


DOWN 2lbs!

Previous weight: 223.4
Current weight: 221.4

Scale is finally moving again!

I credit this to
1. Drinking more than 8 glasses of water on most days
2. really staying with in my calorie limits/tracking food
3. Exercising 5 days this week
4. Thinking positive about myself and weight loss.... allowing my body to let go of the fat

I really think my mini goal of being at 200 by June 1st is very attainable.. I just need to stay on track...stay focused and CONSISTENT.


Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, cngratulations on your loss!

TJ said...

WTG! Keep up the good work!

:) tj

Dina said...

Great job! I'm sure you can make your June goal!

spunkysuzi said...

Nice loss! I used to always change it but i've come to realize that it really doesn't matter what day you have it on, it's a long journey and it eventually evens out :)

HopeFool said...

That's fantastic, Mel. I'm happy for you.

Tena said...

Yay! Good loss! You're doing great! And developing a healthy attitude is a good tool.

It's your diet and you can weigh-in when you want to!

Keep drinking that water!

Charlie Hills said...

I think that's a great goal too. You can do it! Me, I'm trying to get to Onederland myself but man! these last couple pounds are rough. And this isn't even my final goal.