Thursday, February 5, 2009

re-arrange of the schedule.. again!

I think Im adding too much change at once...

My body and voice were pretty dead yesterday. I had planned to do day 2 for the C25k program but my body wasn't having it.. it was a struggle to even walk fast.. much less jog! I ended up just walking for 40 minutes and fought really hard to not get down on least I DID do some form of movement.

I have dinner after my workout.. had veggie curry over some wild rice.. then I go up to the college to practice. I have a concert in a little over 5 weeks and my voice is so out of shape. Yesterday I tried to practice and I couldn't even vocalize in my upper range. I think with my body being tired.. I just couldn't get my voice to function.. I still worked a little.. but it wasn't feeling healthy, so i didn't push. I have some junk in my throat today.. but I'm going to go over to practice after work today and see if practicing earlier helps. I could just be getting sick.. but I refuse to accept that as I feel fine.. I think i was just tired yesterday.. Must stay positive about this or I will not get anywhere Vocally and I only have 5 weeks to feel secure in all this music I have..

I think I'm going to make M/W/F my singing ONLY days.. Cardio will be T/TH/S.. and probably Sunday... Strength... hmm.. I could just wait to start Body Pump after the concert... yeah.. so maybe strength will just be done after cardio with the gyms machines.. and now that I've learned a new Tricep exercise (MizFit is a-MAZING) (see video ) I feel fine just doing basic strength now... I think i was getting a little ahead of myself.. I'll try the c25k again on friday.. but maybe my body isn't ready for that either.. I do have 225lbs on my frame to contend with. I keep thinking about these Biggest Loser people who are running.. but then remind myself that they have drs around and as we saw on an episode a few weeks ago.. they have icing time.. which kind of struck me as not good.. but that's a different post.

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Dina said...

My chart is from Weight Watchers online. It's only like 10 bucks a month if you sign up for three months (and I think it's worth it)