Sunday, February 22, 2009

WI results!

shock of all shocks... down 1.4lbs today.. and reached my week goal of 220 even!

I said a month ago that I wanted to reach 220 by the first full week of FEB... so I'm a few weeks off.. but at least I reached it IN Feb.

Goal for next week is to break into the teens... shooting for 218

I've been really lazy this weekend.. well not total sloth lazy.. but lazy enough. I did manage to get in my 'last chance workout' yesterday an put in an hour on the treadmill... the whole time i was walking I was thinking of new ideas for the summer program I teach at.. I should really carry a mini voice recorder to take down my thoughts... because when I get home, I don't write anything down..

I also did grocery shopping yesterday.. stuck to my budget.. $30 at Aldi's... and didn't have to go anywhere else. I do, however, need to get more protein powder.. I don't think it's going to last me all week... thank goodness walmart, as much as I hate that store, has $15 2lb jugs of protein powder... I find when I have 25% of calories from Protein a day.. I lose weight. Lately I've been eating around 50%carb, 25%Fat, 25% protein. The Zone diet is I guess similar to this.. maybe it's 40/30/30.. I love bread too much (and bananas) to get my carbs down to 40...

Lazy sunday today... going to the opera at 2 then having my splurge meal after. I've decided on chinese since I haven't had it in months and I've been craving mystery meat. Speaking of meat.. I've added it back into my diet... I'm not a real vegetarian, and I don't pretend to be.. while I do try to limit it... a girl can only have beans and tofu for so long! This weeks lunches will be chicken sandwiches w/grapes (mmmm!).. and I'm going to make a shepherds pie tomorrow night.

1. drink that water.. it's helping!
2. stay in the moment.. no need to worry about what's to come.. cross that bridge when you get there.. especially when it comes to $/taxes.. those thoughts do not need to control your life/emotions/mental health!
3. Hit the gym at least 4 times if not 5.. you were a little slack last week
4. keep tracking on sparkpeople... keeping calories between 1750-1950

Have a great rest of the weekend!!


spunkysuzi said...

Congrats on the nice loss and those great goals :) Here's to another awesome week!!

TJ said...



Andrea said...

Great job on your weight loss! That's awesome! I was reading your profile and I noticed that you're from Ithaca, NY. I once was stationed at Fort Drum, NY near a little town called Watertown. I think upstate New York beautiful. I loved it, but not the snow as much.
You're doing great on your weight loss! Keep going, you're doing awesome!

Dina said...

Great job!

And from a fellow carb lover, I hear ya!

HopeFool said...

Woo hoo.

You deserved the loss!

Mel said...

thanks everyone!!