Wednesday, March 4, 2009

did I do it...

Yes.. I DID go to the gym after work.. and then came home and made falafel (not fried, baked!) but had a second serving.. didn't make it to practice tho.. SO cold.. so I finished my taxes instead.. still owe.. but not as much as I thought.. I think I am going to take my stuff to a tax preparer though.. there were some questions on the online prep that I had no clue on.. so.. once I get paid for my singing gig in mid march.. i will finish my taxes.

I'm up to 223 this morning... I can't get to the gym tonight because of a meeting.. I know I'm retaining because of my mood/emotions.. I'm stressed about $.. but I just have to decide to be at peace with it all so I can de-stress.. I've come too far to back slide all the way back to 234 (or worse, 245.. my highest in the past few years)

I think maybe I'm a little lost with what to eat.. I mean.. I know what I should be eating... but I think I can do better and wonder if there is an eating plan out there that I could follow..I feel like I'm eating too many carbs/starches... not that I am against them.. I am not an atkins fan.. and know the importance of carbs...

I didn't get to cook this weekend so I bought stuff for salads for lunch.. but I really do not enjoy salads.. and I don't have enough 'stuff' to put on them.. and they have never been filling for me... so last night I made some weird mix of food for lunch.. ditalini pasta, black beans, squash and chili spice.. i put 1/4c of cheese on top to melt when I microwave it for lunch..

I'm totally not following a 'clean eating' diet anymore.. I've added back in sugar.. and while I still check lables for High fructose corn syrup.. I know I've added more processed foods back in.. like the lite ranch dressing i used on my falafel sandwiches last night..

I'm on the edge of not caring about what I eat.. and that's not good. All weekend I thought about buying a bag of doritos.. and actually had them in hand at one point (but put them back).. I'm frustrated.. and I know it's all because my LIFE is frustrating right now.. too much uncertainty and I'm just anxious... It makes it really hard to lose weight when you head really isnt in the game..

so my question to you all...

What is working for you food wise...
how do YOU combat the 'I wan't to give up/i'm tired of trying/this is hard' feelings/thoughts.

It's hard for me to ask for help.. but really...



Laura said...

You know you can do it. You have come a long way, and as you said it yourself, you don't want to be back in the 2 hundreds.

I feel the same way, I just want to eat when Im stressed, happy, even depressed. But you know in your heart that you can do better. You have proven yourself to do better. And this is all a new journey, where you learn new things, and part of the new things to learn is how to control your emotions and your eating habits.

Keep up the good work! I'm not a salad person myself, but you gotta keep trying things until you find a salad (food) that you like. Part of loosing weight is to enjoy the things you are eating.


Dina said...

When I get the "ugh this is too hard" I just remember back to what I felt like before I started. Yeah, it's a lot of hard work, and feels like a major drag some days, but it really beats feeling depressed, out of control, and like I hate my body every second.

TJ said...

I agree with Laura, you need to enjoy what you are eating.
I swear I am not getting paid to say this but Weight Watchers works for me. I am NOT on a diet. I do not eat junk food, actually I have followed the clean eating plan in the past and continue to take away processed foods from my life adn I feel SO much better for it.

You need to find foods that fill you up, that are tasty, and that you can look forward to. I love to cook and I love that I can cook up a storm and still follow the WW plan.

Also on board with Dina, you have worked hard to get where you are and you know you dont want to go backwards.

Keep up the good work!!


HopeFool said...

I have also just gone through a major "bored with what I am eating" phase. Last week I made two things that I had forgotten about because I was getting so sick of chicken.

One was salmon patties. Super easy and full of healthy fats and I actually like them plain, no bun. They seem to me to go well with any vegetable at all.

I also made quiches. As a single girl, you might really like these cause they freeze and microwave really well for lunches. They are very light, yet filling.

You can put almost anything you like in them. Scramble 3 or 4 eggs and pour them over some veggies (and maybe meat) into a pre-made pie crust. Put some cheese on top and bake it at 425 for about 40 minutes.

(You can remove a yolk or two to make a lower calorie version. These are so versatile.)

Combos that I have tried:
Broccoli, turkey breast and swiss
Also good without the turkey.

Water chestnuts and spinach with asiago & parmesan

Shoestring cut potatoes (really thin & long) & lean ground beef
with cheddar. I call that "Cheeseburger Pie" and my boys LOVE it with ketchup.

And now that I have typed all that, I'm going to go make one for dinner and one to freeze right now! Thanks!

David Showers said...

So much great advise on here!

I try not to look at the big picture, but just one meal at a time. My office is by a grocery store so I walk there every day for lunch - a little exercise and it gets me out of the office.

I was just getting salad, but now I try to mix it up. I never "plan" on what I'm getting.

I've made a small game out of getting lunch. I just walk in and ask myself, "What cool thing can I get today that is good for me?"

I then walk around the store and explore. It's funny how many new things I see. I now have a list of things I want to try. Now I can't wait till lunch because I want to try all the new stuff.

I mainly have something frozen (easy to cook at work) and fruit. But who knows what I'll find today?!

Give it a try if you can - it's fun!

Daria said...

Hey there. I'm Daria. I'm posting for the first time on your blog, because I'd like to follow your story. I identified quite a bit with your last post. To answer your first question, I don't ever get over the desire to quit. I'm a bi-polar dieter. I'm really into it........then a few bad days. On those days I just wish I was thin Right Bloody Now! But alas, it doesn't work that way.
So the next day I trudge through my dieting day, and I feel a little better about it. I'm an Aries, so I'm really flighty. The only thing that works for me, is changing it up. Yoga one day, weights the next, walking or bike riding on the next day. The other thing I do is incorporate two veggie days into my week. On these days I eat like a vegetarian. It really does keep my calories down during the week. I'd love for you to come visit my blog as well. That's another thing that keeps me going. All the support I get on here makes days alot easier.