Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I haven't been posting daily.. and my weight loss has been minimal if at all..

I think I was doing the best when i was writting on here every day, tracking my food, and doing my exercise..

Tonight after work I WILL GO TO THE GYM, cook a HEALTHY dinner, and go PRACTICE

I can't let all of lifes uncertainties ($, future job?!) derail all the postive things that have happend in the past few months. I've lost around 12lbs since tracking/journaling.. I know I can do better than I did in Feb. and will get out of this slump!


Mama Bear June said...

Sounds like tracking and journaling are successful for you! Get back on track and you'll be back there in no time. :-) I know you can do it!
Path to Health

Dina said...

I find I do a lot better when I hold myself accountable by tracking, or writing down what I'm doing too.

You can do it :)

TJ said...

Tracking and meal planning are my 2 biggest helpers. I need to work on the exercise part. :(

Keep up the good work!

HopeFool said...

I just have to echo the comments here. Tracking, planning, and blogging are my best tools too.

You can do this.

David Showers said...

I agree. I find that actually taking photos of my meals and putting them on my blog REALLY make me feel accountable.

Tamzin said...

Did you do it??!! :)