Monday, March 2, 2009


Slow monday here at work.. and a little drama ofcourse.. but not my drama!

I had a voice lesson yesterday with my voice teacher from Grad School. It had been over a year since I worked with her. It was a good lesson and I came out of it with some pointers that I had forgot over time and some new ideas to work with. We talked about life before the lesson and I became upset.. but she is used to that.. she worked with me while I was going through my heavy grief period, which is still affecting me a little.. but not as much for sure... so she is used to seeing my tears. I also told her about my financial situation. I didn't plan on having another lesson before the concert..but she told me that I could pay $20 a lesson and then do dog sitting or work around the house.. a trade for lessons. Before I left I thanked her for all she has done and she said something that has stuck with me since... she said: "I am honored to have helped your through that part of your journey'


I am so grateful for her and other people who have stepped up to help in a very trying time for me... Carol has been there for me through a lot.. and I'm glad I get to work with her a few more times before I move out of Ithaca.

My best friend Eva and I hung out saturday.. and even though I told her not to get me anything for holidays.. she did anyways.. a $30 gift card to target and $50 to wegmans (a grocery store).. made me cry to know that there are people out there to help. I've never asked for help.. she just knew money was tight..

I guess I've just made myself get used to doing things on my own since my parents arent around and my sister is off in Portland.. I've become used to being independent.. having these two people step up to lend a helping hand.. made me really feel blessed and very very humble.

I don't have to do this alone...there *are* people to help.. I just need to be ok with asking if I need it.. I guess I'm a little proud and don't want to come across as pathetic or needy.. I don't know.. It makes me really want to 'pay it forward' somehow..

I'm going to try to write every night.. a list of things I am grateful for.. yeah.. there are crappy things happening in the world and in my own life.. but there is a silver lining to it all.. and there is beauty, love, and kindness all around...

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another
person.Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have
lighted the flame within us.

- Albert Schweitzer


Dina said...

I like the idea of keeping a gratitude journal, I think it frames the day in a really positive way.

Glad to hear there are great people around to step up and support you!

Sharon said...

I love that idea of thinking of what you are grateful for every night. That is so positive!!

fatty McButter Pants said...

Your post was great, and I liked the quote too. You just sound like a very interesting person. Doing something that you are passionate about. Money will come and go, in my case it goes, ALOT, but the lesson is worth more then anything, if I would just get it the 1st 10 times making the same mistake. Sounds like you have good friends, and that you know that, and that's great.

HopeFool said...

Journaling your grattitude is a great idea.

And what an amazing woman your coach must be. You are blessed.