Wednesday, May 13, 2009

back in the saddle again

Things I did GOOD today:
1. drank 64oz of water
2. ate a healthy lunch - salad w/chicken and red onion, an apple and walnuts
3. did a 30 minute walk, with 4 minutes of 1-minute jogs

Things I can do BETTER:
1. watch over-eating at dinner just because I worked out...
2. get another 32 oz of water in
3. push for 45 minute walk/jog tomorrow

Keeping it positive!

I bought a good, supportive, sports bra today... and also a clip on mp3 player to load the coach to 5k program on to... Went to the running store today to look at shoes.. will continue search at DSW/Foot Locker in Syracuse this weekend. Will also find a new pair of workout pants as the ones I am wearing now are falling apart!

If anyone knows of any 5k runs in the fall in the NYC area.. please let me know! My BFF T and I are going to rock a 5k this fall and are preparing for it this summer!!! Actually pretty excited about it!

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MizFit said...

go YOU for climbing back in the saddle.
and Im a big fan of anything Target with bras---but it seems to vary wildly from state to state what they have in stock.